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4 Tech Stocks To Watch As Investors Go Back To Last Year’s Playbook

With the daily average coronavirus cases being above 150,000 in the U.S., investors have been going back to the old playbook that worked so well last year. This could explain why the tech sector is still performing so well,” notes the author of today’s article before proceeding to highlight four tech stocks in particular to watch this week. For these… 

Top Tech Trading Under $10

Based on the premise that tech is poised to continue to drive the market for years to come, today’s article highlights three cheap (trading under $10 a share) stocks from the broader technology space to consider due to their growth prospects regardless of renewed market volatility. For more on these three tech stocks, CLICK HERE.

Sectors And Stocks For An Aging Bull’s “Twilight Years”

While the author of today’s article believes that the bull market still has room to run, he advises that “it’s time for investors to think about how and when bull markets end, and what performs well during their twilight years.” He proceeds to examine groups that tend to do well in the late stages of a bull market, and highlights…