Why This SWAN Stock Is “A Dream Investment For Retirees”

2019-01-13 19_24_43-Dream Pictures · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhat makes the stock examined in today’s article “a dream investment for retirees” in the eyes of the author – and one of their favorite high-yield picks right now? Among other things (including an attractive valuation and first-rate management team), the author notes the fact it’s “the most dominant blue-chip in its industry and has a recession-proof business model makes it a great high-yield, sleep well at night, or SWAN, stock.” For more on the stock in question – which sports a dividend yield of 7.1% – CLICK HERE.

Whatever Your Time Horizon, These May Be Your Best Bet For A Prosperous Retirement

2018-07-05 20_03_43-Morguefile.com free photographs for commercial useThe author of today’s article calls them “the single best way to maximize the chances of a rich retirement” – whether one is still decades away from retirement or is quickly approaching (or already in) retirement. The “them” in question? Dividend growth stocks – and with Congress forever kicking the can down the road on fixing Social Security, they may be more pivotal to one’s retirement planning than ever. For more on how dividend growth stocks can help ensure a prosperous retirement, whatever one’s time horizon, CLICK HERE.

The Winning Combination For An “Income-Rich” Retirement – And 7 Stocks That Seem To Have It

2017-04-02 06_41_46-Free stock photo of black, calendar, close-up“If you want to have an income-rich retirement, you’ve got to have a diversified basket of dividend stocks that will deliver both capital appreciation and income growth,” states the author of today’s article – and this assertion is backed up by a study that looked at the returns of S&P 500 stocks over a 33-year period. The author proceeds to highlight what he deems to be the seven best stocks when it comes to this winning combination of above-average capital appreciation and income potential. To find out what these seven stocks are, CLICK HERE.