Will The Recession Snuff Out The FIRE Movement?

2020-03-26 21_05_22-Fire Wallpaper · Free Stock PhotoWill the impending recession bring about the end of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, as some are already predicting? The author of today’s article argues that such predictions reflect a deep misunderstanding of the FIRE movement and that, in actuality, “This recession won’t end the FIRE movement, but it will force it to change. And that change will almost certainly be for the better.” For more, CLICK HERE.

“Gut Check”: How One Man’s Extremely Bad Luck Is A Wake-Up Call For Retirees

2020-03-09 20_13_00-Window“This is very disconcerting and very bad timing,” says Tracy Donaldson, a newly retired Floridian who had the extremely bad luck of retiring the same week the Dow dropped significantly on coronavirus fears. But while Donaldson’s guaranteed pension and Social Security mean he’ll be fine even in the event of a lengthy downturn, many retirees may find themselves in a much more fragile position – and Donaldson’s bad luck should serve as a wake-up call. For more, CLICK HERE.

Meet The New ‘Bonds’ For Retirement

2020-02-20 23_21_23-Trees in Park · Free Stock PhotoWith longer life expectancies and lower interest rates, among other factors, the traditional 60/40 portfolio “just won’t be able to cut it anymore”, according to some financial experts. Instead, greater allocations to equities will be needed – and dividend stocks will become the new bonds for retirement. One place investors can look for higher yields for their retirement portfolios? Business Development Companies, which are averaging annual yields of nearly 10%. For more, CLICK HERE.

MAGA: “Making Annuities Great Again”

2020-02-05 21_58_27-Low Angle Photography of Gray Concrete Building Under Blue Sky · Free Stock PhotJust as the Trump MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) slogan is polarizing, so too are annuities. In fact, the author of today’s article observes that “the very financial tool that could save someone’s retirement journey so that they have income for life is the very tool that many hate.” Given the fear so many Americans have of running out of money in retirement, and the potential of annuities to eliminate that concern, the author outlines what you need to know about annuities “so you can make annuities great again.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Will Stocks Be Able To Do “The Heavy Lifting Of Funding Your Retirement”?

2020-01-30 19_04_26-Black Kettle Bell Lot · Free Stock PhotoIn the current era of low rates, the author of today’s article notes that “Stocks will have to do the heavy lifting of funding your retirement”. But will they be able to do so – or will unexpectedly low returns put you at risk of running out of money during your retirement? The author looks at what the most reliable indicators suggest about equity returns over the next decade – and what they suggest “is very sobering indeed”. For more, CLICK HERE.