Retirement Withdrawals & The Widow’s (Or Widower’s) Tax

2019-12-21 19_26_35-white printer papers photo – Free Mobile phone Image on Unsplash“Tax-deferred accounts are great until they aren’t – when we have to pay taxes on our withdrawals,” notes the author of today’s article, who highlights an “often-overlooked” reason for married couples to consider making additional, earlier withdrawals from tax-deferred accounts (in addition to more common reasons such as wanting to use accumulated funds while you and your spouse are still young and healthy): “Their taxes will almost certainly increase after the first spouse dies. Think of this as the widow or widower’s tax.” How can married couples adapt their withdrawal strategies to minimize the impact of this tax? CLICK HERE.

Techniques For Managing Sequence Of Return Risk In Retirement

2018-03-10 19_15_53-Free stock photos of stress · PexelsRetirees face two possible worries, depending on how the market performs during their retirement: they could generate above-average returns and risk having underspent in retirement, or there’s the bigger worry: they could generate below-average returns and risk running out of money. In regards to the latter risk, today’s article outlines two research studies that provide retirees with techniques to reduce this sequence of return risk – and increase their chances of retirement success. For more, CLICK HERE.