From American Dream To Middle-Class Nightmare

2018-12-16 14_25_36-Window“The American dream of a modest retirement after a lifetime of work now is a middle-class nightmare.” So concludes the author of a recent report from the National Institute on Retirement Security – and the author of today’s article expands on this conclusion, looking at just how retirement in America has gotten to this unfortunately place and how, “If the middle class keeps slipping, as we fear it will…The retirement dreams of millions of Americans may slip away forever and ever.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Taking Stock Of Your Retirement Income Strategy

2018-05-05 20_39_51-50+ Interesting Planner PhotosYet another research report has found that a majority of baby boomers do not feel prepared for retirement – and today’s article suggests that one critical factor underlying the position that these boomers find themselves in is a lack of investment in stocks, with the author noting that “The ownership of the vast majority of equity returns in the hands of a small percentage of Americans in part explains why so many boomers are not feeling the recovery.” In addition to increasing their stake in stocks, what else can Americans do to boost their sense of retirement security? CLICK HERE.

The “Paramount Threats” To The Income Security Of Those In – And Those Approaching – Retirement Today

2018-04-12 17_49_17-Free stock photos of planning · Pexels“There are factors threatening your plans for lifetime income security,” cautions the author of today’s article, who further observes that, while some of these factors are nothing new, “others are relatively new, or are becoming more significant.” He proceeds to detail the five trends and factors that he sees as the “paramount threats” to the income security of those in – and those approaching – retirement today. What are these threats – and how can you adapt your retirement plan to mitigate their potential impact? CLICK HERE.

Retirement Security In The U.S.: We’re Not #1!

2016-07-23 free stock photosThe United States is not #1 when it comes to retirement security – in fact it failed to even crack the top 10 on the recently released 2016 Natixis Global Retirement Index, which assessed and ranked 43 countries on the retirement security of their residents. Instead, the U.S. ranked “a middling No. 14, right after Luxembourg and several notches below No. 3 Iceland and No. 4 New Zealand.” When it comes to explaining this ranking, where did the U.S. score well? Where did it score poorly? Based on what appears to be working in the retirement systems of countries that ranked higher, what could the U.S. do in order to improve the retirement security of its residents? CLICK HERE to read more.

New Retirement Proposals That High Income Earners Will Not Like

2016-06-13 21_01_46-Films & TVEarlier this month a commission charged with devising a plan to strengthen the retirement security and personal savings of Americans released its report – and today’s article outlines how “a lot of high income earners are going to hate it”. The 146-page report from the Bipartisan Policy Center “includes revamps of everything from 401(k) plans to reverse mortgages to tax credits for encouraging savings.” So what specific proposals are likely to raise the ire of high-income workers? From proposed changes to the tax-deductibility of mortgage interest to increased taxation of Social Security benefits and more, CLICK HERE to find out.