Is Your Retirement At Risk Due To Overly Rosy Rate Of Return Expectations?

2017-04-23 09_32_05-Free stock photo of achievement, bars, close-upA recent survey of 401(k) participants found that almost 70% believed they would be able to save enough for a financially secure retirement. The problem? Two-thirds of those surveyed believed that returns going forward will be in line with – or higher than – returns in the past, while most analysts expect that returns will be lower – perhaps significantly – than those of the recent past. Given this, the author examines what you can do – and what you shouldn’t do – “to build a nest egg large enough to sustain you throughout retirement if the financial markets deliver significantly lower returns than in the past”. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Why You May Have To Rethink Retirement Thanks To The Republican Health Care Bill

2017-03-11 19_04_28-Person on Green Boat Fishing on Body of Water · Free Stock PhotoThink you’re financially and emotionally ready to retire? According to today’s article, you may still have to postpone retirement, thanks to the House Republicans’ proposed Obamacare replacement bill – the American Health Care Act – and its provision that would allow insurers to charge older customers five times as much in premiums as younger customers – compared to the three-to-one ratio allowed under the Affordable Care Act. As a result of this change, one analyst cited states that, “for some, retirement might not be an affordable option.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Enhancing Retirement Readiness: What Has An Impact…And What Doesn’t?

2016-04-16 07_41_00-CalendarWhile the new “fiduciary standard” promises to help lower costs for retirement investors, how much of an impact does a modest fee reduction have on retirement readiness compared to actions that investors can take on their own such as delaying Social Security benefits or choosing more powerful investments? Today’s article puts this question to Tom Kmak, CEO of Fiduciary Benchmarks, who examines the impact of six factors – including reduced fees – on “the retirement readiness of a hypothetical 42-year-old woman”, and ranks them from the least to most impactful. What came out as “the best single step that people can take to enhance their financial readiness”? CLICK HERE to find out.

Assessing Retirement Readiness

2016-04-11 06_10_37-Microsoft Office Picture ManagerAre you on track to have enough money to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement? Today’s article outlines four methods used by the experts to make this determination and identifies which methods are best depending on how far away one is from retirement. Which method does the author state is “perhaps the most accurate way to determine whether you’re financially ready”? And what can you do should you discover that you’re not as on-track as you thought? CLICK HERE to read more.