Want To Ensure You Don’t Run Out Of Money In Retirement? Be Dynamic.

2019-09-12 21_18_51-Several Us Dollar Roll Placed on White Surface · Free Stock PhotoIf you want to increase your chances of a financially secure retirement, new research indicates that one way to do so is to be dynamic…with your spending strategy. The study “measured the success rates of various strategies that adjusted withdrawal rates depending on whether your portfolio in any given year is ahead or behind of what your retirement financial plan had assumed it should be” – and suggests that you can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving your retirement financial goals with relatively modest adjustments. For more on dynamic retirement financing strategies, CLICK HERE.

The Financial Downside Of A Longer Life – And One Way To Plug A Potential Retirement Savings Gap

2019-07-07 22_09_02-Love Your Life Clipboard Decor · Free Stock PhotoThe fastest-growing demographic in the developed world is people over the age of 100 – a positive development for those desiring a long life but a challenging one when it comes to funding a retirement that could last 20 to 30 years or longer. With the average 65 year old American estimated to only have enough savings to fund about 10 years of retirement (and similar shortfalls in other advanced countries), a recent report from the World Economic Forum warns of a several hundred trillion dollar global retirement savings shortfall by 2050 – and has a suggestion for those who want to avoid facing a retirement savings gap. CLICK HERE.

Look To The Boomers For The “7 Deadly Sins” Of Retirement Planning

2019-04-14 20_53_50-WindowDespite having been the recipients of many advantages when it came to saving for retirement, a new study focused on the retirement preparedness of baby boomers finds they are shockingly unprepared overall. Among its findings? Barely one in 10 boomers has a sufficient amount saved for retirement – and nearly half have no retirement savings at all. Today’s article proceeds to outline “seven deadly sins of retirement planning” that have led to boomers being in this situation, including “possibly the most astonishing revelation in the survey [which] is buried in the footnotes”. For more, CLICK HERE.

How Women Can Take Control Of Their Retirement – And Prevent Financial Destitution

2018-05-07 07_00_30-Free Stock Photos of Women · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAmericans on the whole are underprepared for retirement. This is especially true for women over 50, with today’s article noting that “they fall way behind men when it comes to retirement preparedness.” While there are multiples reasons for this reality (including an acceleration in the divorce rate for this group), what can women do to prevent against the prospect of financial destitution in retirement? The author outlines a number of suggestions in that regard. For more, CLICK HERE.

Dividend Champions On The Cheap

2018-02-10 18_58_29-Free stock photos of win · PexelsIf you are in the pre-retirement accumulation phase, the recent market selloffs offer an opportunity to purchase your future retirement dividend income at a bargain. As such, the author of today’s article screened the list of dividend champions, using a number of criteria to identify quality dividend companies that may be worthy of further consideration by bargain-hunting retirement accumulators. For the 30 dividend champions that passed the screen, CLICK HERE.