Asset Allocation Or Security Selection: Which Is More Important For Retirees?

2020-03-03 09_24_58-Deadlock With Key on Hole · Free Stock PhotoWhat is the more important investment decision when it comes to your retirement portfolio: asset allocation (how much to allocate to various asset classes) or security selection (which specific securities to purchase to fulfill your asset allocation)? For many investors – and retirement planners – the answer has long been the latter (security selection), but a new study suggests that retirees may want to reconsider where they expend their time and energy. For more, CLICK HERE.

Controlling “The Retirement Equation”

2019-03-18 09_31_47-1 + 1 = 3 Text on Black Chalkboard · Free Stock PhotoAs part of its 2019 Guide to Retirement, J.P. Morgan Chase includes a simple chart that presents a “sound plan for retirement.” The chart depicts six different factors (two that retirement planners have total control over, two they have some control over, and two that are out of their control), with the investment bank advising to “Make the most of the things you can control but be sure to evaluate factors that are somewhat or completely out of your control within your comprehensive retirement plan.” For this chart – and some guidelines on how to make the most of the factors you have total or some control over – CLICK HERE.