These 3 Small Steps Can Make A Dramatic Difference In The Ultimate Size Of Your Nest Egg

2018-07-24 06_58_41-WindowToday’s article highlights three small steps you can take that can make a dramatic difference (or giant leaps) in the ultimate size of your retirement nest egg. Among these steps is one the author states “is often the epitome of small-step-but-big-leap planning, as it can have almost no impact on your current financial situation, but may have dramatic impacts on long-term tax-efficiency.” For these three steps – and examples depicting just how much of a big leap they can create for your retirement savings – CLICK HERE.

High-Yield, High-Quality Leaders: 3 Stocks To Help Build Your Nest Egg

2017-11-05 19_14_30-Free stock photo of apartment, architecture, blue skyThe three stocks highlighted in today’s article offer above-average dividend yields (and the potential for years of continued dividend growth) as well as strong prospects for long-term returns, as each of the companies in question is a leader in its respective industry. As a result, the authors believe these three stocks are ideal picks for helping to build a retirement nest egg. To find out what these stocks are – a branded-food products leader, an oil and natural gas midstream leader, and a healthcare REIT leader – CLICK HERE.

There’s Still Time: How You Can Still Build A Sizable Nest Egg, Starting At Age 50

2017-06-11 07_09_04-Blue Canoe on Body of Water during Daytime · Free Stock PhotoIf you think you’ve put off saving for retirement way too late, all hope may not be lost. Today’s article highlights research from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) showing that, “even starting at age 50, it is possible to save more than $1 million for retirement”. How? AAII identifies five different scenarios where, by saving from age 50 to age 70, one can accumulate balances ranging from $300,000 to $1.3 million. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Fee Fight: Tips For Protecting Your Retirement Nest Egg

2017-05-28 13_39_38-Close-up of Woman Hand With Coffee Cup on Table · Free Stock Photo“There are many fees that eat into your retirement nest egg,” notes the author of today’s article. As such, he proceeds to outline several tips to help minimize just how big of a bite fees can take out of your retirement savings. To find out what these tips are – including why he recommends that you should require that all fees be expressed in dollars rather than as a percentage of assets. To read more,  CLICK HERE.

How To Retire With (Mental) Buckets Of Money

2017-03-19 06_52_30-Gold Coins · Free Stock PhotoToday’s article has a simple message: You should retire with buckets of money. This seems obvious enough – you want to build as large of a retirement nest egg as possible. The buckets of money referred to in this case, however, are figurative – part of a mental accounting strategy whereby retirement expenses are broken down into “buckets” and then specific retirement income sources are identified to meet the needs of each bucket. To read more about how this bucketing strategy for retirement works, CLICK HERE.

Five Funds For A Faster $1 Million Nest Egg

2017-01-25 19_50_09-Selective Focus Photography2 Blue Egg on Nest · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to accumulating that $1 million figure often cited as the recommended amount for a retirement nest egg, the author of today’s article states there are two choices: “Either we can wait nearly half a century…or we can become millionaires faster if we can get a better return.” He proceeds to outline a basket of five funds which – with a 12.8% average annual return – can generate $1 million much faster. To find out what these five funds are – and why this higher return does not necessarily mean higher risk – CLICK HERE.