Relocating In Retirement: Are You Doing It Wrong?

2018-05-10 21_14_18-500+ Engaging Highway PhotosWhether it’s for family, lifestyle or financial reasons, relocation is a part of retirement for many Americans. However, the author of today’s article cautions that, “Whatever the reason, retirees appear to be making two big mistakes with their homes. They seem to vastly misunderstand the home as an investment decision, and they don’t consider the financing options available to them at all.” Is buying a home a better investment for retirees than stocks? And if retirees do buy a home, what financing option may be better than a conventional mortgage? CLICK HERE.

35 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes

2016-04-28 07_14_00-Microsoft Office Picture Manager“Generally, the right retirement plan is all about timing, opportunity and avoiding making major retirement mistakes. However, it’s so easy to make a mistake while planning for retirement that you’re bound to experience one or two.” Today’s article identifies “35 major retirement planning mistakes to avoid – and what to do if you end up making them.” From the (hopefully) obvious (e.g. Mistake #1: Having no retirement plan) to those you perhaps have not considered (e.g. Mistake # 26: Saving too much too early), CLICK HERE to read about all 35 potential minefields on the path to a secure retirement.