One Action Retirement Investors Can Take To Help Satisfy Their Need To Do Something

2020-03-21 15_22_58-Photo of Person Holding Alarm Clock · Free Stock PhotoWhat actions can retirement investors take in response to the current market conditions? The commonly-dispensed advice from financial experts, at least for those for whom retirement is still a ways off, is to do nothing and stay the course. But investors feel a strong need to do something – and today’s article identifies one action they can take that makes sense financially now. For more, CLICK HERE.

This Trading Activity Could Increase Your Risk Of A “Retirement Fail”

2018-11-18 14_39_57-20+ Beautiful X Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAs market volatility picked up in October, so did the daily trading activity in 401(k) plans – with one analysis finding that the daily trading activity in 401(k) plans was more than double the normal level during this period, as investors abandoned equities and fled to fixed income. But retirement investors may be increasing their risk of a “retirement fail” with this sort of “knee-jerk” trading activity. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Potential Stocks For Stock-Wary Retirees

2018-05-04 09_12_00-Free stock photos of tech · PexelsRetirees may, understandably, want to avoid stocks, but the need to fund increasingly lengthy retirements may make doing so unwise (if not impossible). Their best bet, then, may be stocks of companies that have stable business models, room to expand, and which pay (and increase) dividends. Today’s article highlights three such stocks that may be well-suited for retirement portfolios. For these three stocks – a tech giant, an American restaurant chain, and a global alcohol maker – CLICK HERE.

The Case For A Little Gold In Your Golden Years

2018-03-18 15_51_09-Free stock photos of gold · PexelsCan a little gold help secure your golden years? The author of today’s article notes that “regardless of the cause, inflation can wipe out seniors and savers buying power very quickly” – and believes that one of the best ways for individuals to protect themselves against inflation is by owning precious metals. But what’s the best way to go about buying and holding gold for this purpose? The author goes to a precious metals analyst for his recommendations on what to buy, what not to buy – and how to store it. CLICK HERE.