A Boring But Brilliant Retirement Investment

2019-09-08 20_19_06-Old man reading newspaper with tea _ HD photo by Jeff Sheldon (@ugmonk) on UnsplWhile he acknowledges that they are “kind of boring”, when it comes to this retirement investment, the author of today’s article argues that “boring is brilliant.” The investment in question? Target-date funds. He proceeds to outline a number of reasons why investors should embrace these “boring” investment vehicles – and a simple strategy to overcome one of their few shortcomings and “wind up with anywhere from 10% to 50% more money in retirement.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Reality About Real Estate And Retirement Riches

2019-06-15 09_12_26-Person Giving Keys on Man · Free Stock Photo“Owning a home is wonderful, but don’t bank on real estate as your chief retirement investment,” advises the author of today’s article, which looks at the reality when it comes to looking to real estate as a source of retirement riches. What’s the problem with banking on homes for retirement income – especially given the fact that many people have seen big gains from buying starter homes? For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Money Wizard’s” Guide To Early Retirement

2017-07-09 12_16_55-This Is Your Year Notebook · Free Stock PhotoHe became determined at an early age to achieve financial independence by age 37 – and now, at age 26 and with a net worth of approximately $150,000, he is on track to do just that. In today’s article, the so-called Money Wizard shares his savings strategy that he expects will result in $750,000 by the time he is 37, even if he never gets another raise at work! What is the Money Wizard’s primary investment goal each year? Why doesn’t he have an emergency fund? What does he call “the smartest investment I ever made”? CLICK HERE to find out.

A Comprehensive Retirement Planning Guide

2017-06-11 06_56_00-Man Wearing Black and White Stripe Shirt Looking at White Printer Papers on theHow much do you need to save for retirement? In what order should you fund various retirement savings vehicles? What insurance policies will you need in retirement? How can you safely go about drawing down your assets once in retirement? Retirement planning is incredibly complex – which is why the author of today’s article breaks the process down into several questions that need to be answered and provides guidance and further resources for tackling each of them. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Financial Blasphemy: Why This Adviser Questions The Wisdom Of Maxing Out 401(k) Contributions

2017-06-04 06_46_20-Free stock photo of bridge, feet, railingsThe number one rule of saving for retirement is to max out your 401(k) contributions …right? The adviser cited in today’s article has a different take on this widely-accepted piece of financial wisdom, arguing that, for many, there might be better options. For whom does he believe maxing out 401(k)s contributions is not the best option, what does he recommend doing with that money instead – and what is the one situation where he endorses 401(k) plans as “too good a deal to resist”? CLICK HERE to find out.

“More Interesting And Less Expensive”: How Target-Date Funds Are Getting Makeovers

2016-12-29 18_12_01-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhen it comes to target-date funds, today’s article states that the popular retirement investment vehicles may become more interesting and less expensive this year. Specifically, the article examines how some fund sponsors are going about trying to reduce volatility, boost returns, lower fees, and even select more socially conscious investments, all in an effort to attract more investors. To read more about this target-date fund makeover trend, CLICK HERE.