Asset Allocation Or Security Selection: Which Is More Important For Retirees?

2020-03-03 09_24_58-Deadlock With Key on Hole · Free Stock PhotoWhat is the more important investment decision when it comes to your retirement portfolio: asset allocation (how much to allocate to various asset classes) or security selection (which specific securities to purchase to fulfill your asset allocation)? For many investors – and retirement planners – the answer has long been the latter (security selection), but a new study suggests that retirees may want to reconsider where they expend their time and energy. For more, CLICK HERE.

Will Stocks Be Able To Do “The Heavy Lifting Of Funding Your Retirement”?

2020-01-30 19_04_26-Black Kettle Bell Lot · Free Stock PhotoIn the current era of low rates, the author of today’s article notes that “Stocks will have to do the heavy lifting of funding your retirement”. But will they be able to do so – or will unexpectedly low returns put you at risk of running out of money during your retirement? The author looks at what the most reliable indicators suggest about equity returns over the next decade – and what they suggest “is very sobering indeed”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Retirees, Beware “Dollar-Cost Ravaging”

2019-12-23 10_31_43-Black Steel Pet Cage With One Dollar · Free Stock PhotoYou’ve probably heard of dollar-cost averaging (investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals over a long period of time to minimize the impact of volatility), but what about “dollar-cost ravaging”? The strategist interviewed in today’s article sees dollar-cost ravaging as a problem that can cause a lot of damage to the portfolios of retirees – especially in the early years of retirement. What is dollar-cost ravaging – and what can retirees do to help avoid it? CLICK HERE.

From QCDs To QLACs: What To Do About Unneeded Required Minimum Distributions

2019-12-01 20_47_49-brown-and-white clocks photo – Free Time Image on UnsplashIt may be a nice problem to have as a retiree, but it’s still a problem: what do you do with your required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your retirement accounts – which, as their name indicates, are required – if you don’t need the money for living expenses? Today’s article outlines a number of strategies, from QCDs to QLACs, to make the most of unnecessary (but required) RMDs, or decrease the amount of your RMDs. For more, CLICK HERE.

Ease Financial And Retirement Worries With An “Intentional Life Plan”

2019-10-13 21_33_08-Cup, coffee cup and coffee shop _ HD photo by Daria Shevtsova (@daria_shevtsova)You may have a will in place, but what about a power of attorney, an advanced directive, or a financial plan? A recent survey found that few people actually use these tools that the author of today’s article argues “are so important for successful lives” – and which can ease financial and retirement worries. He proceeds to outline how to create what may be the most important tool in this regard: an “intentional life plan”. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Payers To Consider For Your Retirement Portfolio

2019-08-15 20_51_45-I Saw man walking on building at suns... _ HD photo by Islam Hassan (@ishassan)Among the three stocks highlighted in today’s article as being strong candidates for a spot in your retirement portfolio is a stock that seems to possess everything a retiree could possibly want in a stock: a generous dividend, stability, a discounted share price and a respectable rate of earnings growth. For the stock in question – and the two other dividend-paying stocks singled out by the authors as potentially deserving spots in your retirement portfolio – CLICK HERE.

Right-Sizing Your Retirement Risk

2019-07-02 21_02_34-American Flag Flagpole _ HD photo by Jake Ingle (@ingle_jake) on Unsplash“The riskiest day in your entire financial life is the day you retire,” declares one investment manager cited in today’s article, which examines the critical conundrum that retirees face today: “How to invest in retirement with enough risk to maintain your purchasing power for 30-plus years while not taking so much risk that you leave your underbelly exposed.” So what are some strategies for doing so – including one strategy that involves maintaining a specific constant equity exposure throughout retirement? CLICK HERE.

The Unavoidable Retirement Inflation Bet

2019-06-22 19_28_58-Swing by the lake at sunset _ HD photo by Jon Eckert (@joneckert) on Unsplash“Never overlook the pernicious and toxic impact of inflation over periods as long as retirement,” warns the author of today’s article. He outlines why inflation over the next several decades could actually be significantly higher than currently assumed – and how, if that proves to be the case, it would make inflation-indexed annuities (or real annuities), generally considered very expensive, more valuable. For more – including why the author concludes that “you can’t avoid making an implicit bet on inflation no matter what you do” – CLICK HERE.

Why – And How – To Save For Retirement Like Social Security Doesn’t Exist

2019-06-20 12_58_03-Orange Parasol · Free Stock PhotoGiven the fiscal state of the Social Security system, the author of today’s article advises that, when it comes to financing your retirement, “You have to assume you’re not going to get much help from our government, you’re not going to get much help from your employer, and your financial future is all up to you. And that means you need to save more and save a lot.” So what are some strategies that will allow you to retire rich – or at least retire comfortably – without relying on Social Security? CLICK HERE.