A High-Yield, Lower-Risk Solution To The Low Rate Retirement Income Challenge

2019-06-27 21_59_01-Balance _ HD photo by Martin Sanchez (@martinsanchez) on UnsplashIf Social Security benefits replace approximately 40% of your pre-retirement income, where do you find the other 60% –and, of particular relevance today, where do you find the other 60% when interest rates are near historic lows? Today’s article outlines one “simple solution” to this challenge, noting that “It can be more volatile than a savings account. And it can require you to do a little homework. But it can offer the retirement income you want.” For the solution in question – which involves diversifying across three different types of investment vehicles offering yields up to 7% or more – CLICK HERE.

Forget Rules Of Thumb – And Calculate Your Individualized Income Replacement Rate

2018-09-16 13_47_04-40+ Beautiful Reminder Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhile there are some general rules of thumb for retirement income-replacement rates (e.g. 75% to 80% of working income), pinning down your individualized retirement cash flow needs can be difficult. As the author of today’s article notes, “higher-income, higher-saving households may well need just 60% (or even less) of their pre-retirement income during retirement, while lower-earning, lower-saving households may need closer to 90%.” So how can you come up with as realistic a figure as possible for yourself? The author outlines seven steps to take. CLICK HERE.

Funding Your Retirement: Is The ‘100% Rule’ The New ‘70% Rule’?

2018-03-18 15_48_21-Free stock photos of old ae · PexelsThe popular ‘70% rule’ suggests that retirees will need to replace 70% of their pre-retirement income in order to fund their retirement. The author of today’s article, however, outlines several critical reasons why that formula is likely no longer an acceptable guideline for retirees – and why, today, “it’s not inconceivable that, for some retirees, their income replacement need could be as high as 100%.” Given this, he proceeds to identify “five essential steps to take within 15 years of retirement to enhance your lifetime income sufficiency.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Debunking 5 “Pervasive” Retirement Myths

2016-08-07 10_39_32-New notificationMany myths may be relatively innocuous, but when you are making retirement-planning decisions based on myths the consequences can be dire. As such, today’s article identifies five “pervasive retirement myths Americans must stop believing” and seeks to counter them with a dose of reality. What do the majority of studies say about whether spending increases or decreases in retirement? Is the oft-cited 80% replacement rate for pre-retirement income too little? Or too much? Is Social Security sufficient to live off of in retirement? For that matter, will Social Security even be solvent much longer? To find out what’s myth and what’s fact in regards to these retirement matters and more, CLICK HERE.