The Better Payout: Annuity Or Lump Sum?

2019-07-05 19_23_33-Check out more of my travels at http_... _ HD photo by Simon Migaj (@simonmigaj)If you’re one of the fortunate Americans with a pension, you are faced with a critical question: are you better off receiving it as a lump sum payment or as an annuity? In attempting to answer this question, the author of today’s article runs some numbers to illustrate the costs and benefits of each payout method at different points of life. For more – including what the author highlights as “The one thing that the Lump Sum offers that the Annuity doesn’t” and the most important question to consider when making the lump sum vs. annuity determination – CLICK HERE.

How This “Retiring Boomer Play” Could Help Fund Your Retirement

2018-01-01 15_31_46-Free stock photo of apartment, architecture, balconyThe author of today’s article calls it “the biggest demographic tidal wave ever to sweep the U.S.”: the retirement of the baby boomers. And within that massive trend is another significant trend that investors can cash in on: the boomer rental wave, as boomers drive demand for rental units. The author proceeds to highlight three real-estate investment trusts “with buildings right where these downsizing boomers want to be” – and which offer the prospect of attractive payout growth going forward. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Low-Risk Income Growth Potential”: 3 Energy Stocks To Boost Retirement Portfolios

2017-12-11 08_48_05-Free stock photo of afterglow, alternative energy, cloudsFor retirees looking for income streams, today’s article highlights a trio of energy stocks to consider. Not only does each of these stocks pay an above-average yield but, more importantly, the author notes that the dividends are low risk as the businesses in question all generate predictable cash flows, have strong balance sheets, can cover their current dividends with room to spare and have clear growth prospects – and, thus, the ability to increase payouts going forward. For these three energy stocks, CLICK HERE.

This “In The Shadows” Fund Can Help Retirees Avoid Running Out Of Money

2017-07-18 22_20_17-Free stock photo of black-and-white, chess, darkApproximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day – and many may find that saving for retirement was actually the easy part, while the real challenge will be making sure that their nest eggs last as long as they do. Today’s article highlights one financial tool that may be of assistance to retirees who want to avoid running out of money – retirement income funds (also known as managed payout funds). What are retirement income funds – and what are their advantages and drawbacks compared to annuities? CLICK HERE to find out.