“Low-Risk Income Growth Potential”: 3 Energy Stocks To Boost Retirement Portfolios

2017-12-11 08_48_05-Free stock photo of afterglow, alternative energy, cloudsFor retirees looking for income streams, today’s article highlights a trio of energy stocks to consider. Not only does each of these stocks pay an above-average yield but, more importantly, the author notes that the dividends are low risk as the businesses in question all generate predictable cash flows, have strong balance sheets, can cover their current dividends with room to spare and have clear growth prospects – and, thus, the ability to increase payouts going forward. For these three energy stocks, CLICK HERE.

“Tax-Free, Low Risk And High Dividends”: The Case For Municipal Bonds In Retirement

2016-09-27 12_13_40-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWith their low default risk, high dividend yields – with some paying yields above 6% – and ability to provide most Americans with tax-free income, the author of today’s article describes municipal bonds as having “the retirement income trifecta.” Recognizing that it can be difficult to buy quality individual municipal bonds, the author recommends seeking out the kinds of municipal bond funds purchased by large institutional investors, and highlights three such funds to consider – including one that he states has “the inside track on the best deals” – a portfolio of which has an average yield of 5.3%. To read more about municipal bonds in general, as well as these three specific funds that can provide a steady stream of retirement income, CLICK HERE.