Mini Retirements – And Other “Alternative Retirement Options”

2019-03-13 22_03_15-Morning Walk photo by Fancycrave (@fancycrave) on UnsplashIt’s hard to imagine that what is perhaps most people’s primary financial preoccupation today – retirement – was not always a common thing. In fact, today’s article notes, there was a time when this life stage that everyone strives to achieve today was not considered desirable! Today, the question is not so much whether retirement is desirable but what type of retirement is most desirable for you. Along with the well-known traditional and early retirement options, the author outlines three “alternative retirement options” – temporary retirement, semi-retirement and mini retirements – and the advantages and disadvantages of each. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Unretirement”, “Healthopias” & Other Personal Finance Predictions For Americans Over 50

2017-06-04 06_43_35-One U.s. Dollar Beside 100 Philippine Pesos · Free Stock PhotoA new “unretirement” life stage. A “cyclical” (rather than linear) lifeline. Much of what we pay for today (including auto insurance) being free. New “healthopia” communities for affluent boomers. These are some of the predictions so-called “futurists” are making in regards to the personal finances of Americans over age 50 over the next five and 10 years – as well as some “Jetsons” forecasts that look even further ahead than that. To read more about these personal finance predictions – including the type of impact investing that is expected to outperform the broader stock market in five years – CLICK HERE.