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“Unretirement”, “Healthopias” & Other Personal Finance Predictions For Americans Over 50

2017-06-04 06_43_35-One U.s. Dollar Beside 100 Philippine Pesos · Free Stock PhotoA new “unretirement” life stage. A “cyclical” (rather than linear) lifeline. Much of what we pay for today (including auto insurance) being free. New “healthopia” communities for affluent boomers. These are some of the predictions so-called “futurists” are making in regards to the personal finances of Americans over age 50 over the next five and 10 years – as well as some “Jetsons” forecasts that look even further ahead than that. To read more about these personal finance predictions – including the type of impact investing that is expected to outperform the broader stock market in five years – CLICK HERE.