Top Tech Trading Under $10

2020-06-13 00_10_18-green potted plant photo – Free Plant Image on UnsplashBased on the premise that tech is poised to continue to drive the market for years to come, today’s article highlights three cheap (trading under $10 a share) stocks from the broader technology space to consider due to their growth prospects regardless of renewed market volatility. For more on these three tech stocks, CLICK HERE.

Looking Beyond Dividend Stocks For Solid Retirement Investments

2019-01-25 20_26_41-1000+ Engaging Looking Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Although dividend stocks are a mainstay of a retirement portfolio, they are not the only stocks you should have,” advises the author of today’s article, who proceeds to highlight three stocks offering income and growth to consider for retirement. For these three stocks, as well as the author’s advice regarding the right amount of portfolio diversification in retirement and his answer to the question “Is any risk allowed in a well-designed retirement portfolio?”, CLICK HERE.

The Next Market Reality – And 3 Beaten-Down Stocks That Could Thrive In It

2018-03-29 07_10_46-Free stock photos of invest · PexelsIn regards to the likes of Amazon, the author of today’s article suggests that “the off-the-charts outperformance by its stock – and others like it – may be coming to an end” as a new market reality – wherein the tide shifts in favor of value stocks and away from growth stocks (which have outperformed for quite some time) – sets in. Noting that “in this environment, shopping selectively for strong but underpriced companies could pay off big for investors”, the author highlights three stocks in particular that could stage comebacks in the next market reality. For more, CLICK HERE.

These 2 Growth Stocks May Be Retirement-Friendly

2017-10-09 05_19_13-Free stock photo of blur, close-up, focusRetirement is a time for “Steady-Eddie” dividend-paying stocks and not a time for growth stocks (and the volatility that is inextricably linked to them). Such is the common wisdom. However, the authors of today’s article believe that not all growth stocks should be painted with the same retirement-incompatible brush – and they proceed to highlight two growth stocks (which also pay dividends) that may work well as investments for retirees. To read more, CLICK HERE.