Gold’s Big Moves – And What’ Next

2019-02-08 20_47_04-500+ Amazing Gold Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Something big is happening in the gold market right now,” declares the author of today’s article, who notes that gold purchases by central banks last year were at their highest level since Richard Nixon formally brought an end to the gold standard in 1971 and that purchases in the fourth quarter were the highest on record. After four straight months of gains for both gold and gold mining stocks, what’s gold’s next move – and what gold set-up does the author recommend? CLICK HERE.

Using Gold To Protect Your Golden Years

2018-04-29 16_13_22-Free stock photos of gold · PexelsCan you afford to lose 30% (or more) of your retirement savings in the event of a market crash? If your answer is no, the author of today’s article – who believes a recession is coming within the next year – urges you to add gold to your portfolio, pointing out that, while “stocks and bonds have been in a major uptrend for 9 years and 20+ years respectively, and so are overdue for a correction… [gold] peaked in 2011 at $1,900 and has only recovered part of its loss so far.” But what gold investment may be best? CLICK HERE.

The Case For A Little Gold In Your Golden Years

2018-03-18 15_51_09-Free stock photos of gold · PexelsCan a little gold help secure your golden years? The author of today’s article notes that “regardless of the cause, inflation can wipe out seniors and savers buying power very quickly” – and believes that one of the best ways for individuals to protect themselves against inflation is by owning precious metals. But what’s the best way to go about buying and holding gold for this purpose? The author goes to a precious metals analyst for his recommendations on what to buy, what not to buy – and how to store it. CLICK HERE.

Beyond The Luster: When Gold Makes Sense – And What Might Be A Better Investment

2017-09-24 12_42_39-Close-up View of Information Sign · Free Stock PhotoDespite renewed strength in – and interest in owning – gold, the author of today’s article believes that few people have a good understanding of why the precious metal behaves the way it does – and thus what role (if any) it has to play in an investment portfolio. As such, he proceeds to examine the case for and against gold. What do people get wrong about gold? When might gold make sense for investors – and what does he argue is the better investment for those who want to hedge against dollar weakness? CLICK HERE.