Phased Retirement: Making The Right Decisions At The Right Time

2019-08-18 22_00_29-I do like what is obviously, well, th... _ HD photo by Jamie Templeton (@jamieteA financially secure retirement requires making a number of critical decisions – and if you want to ensure that you make the right decisions at the right time, the author of today’s article advises that you think of retirement as consisting of four phases, with Phase No.1 beginning at age 55. From opening a Roth IRA to buying long-term care insurance to Social Security and Medicare planning to purchasing an annuity, which decisions are best made in which retirement phase? For the author’s roadmap, CLICK HERE.

Affluent Influence: Retirement Planning Lessons From The Wealthy

2017-07-29 23_03_57-Free stock photo of bank, bank notes, batchThere’s no question that the wealthy have a major advantage when it comes to retirement – but that doesn’t mean that the less affluent can’t learn a thing or two (or three) from the rich about how to achieve a financially secure – and overall fulfilling – retirement. Today’s article looks at some retirement planning lessons that can be gleaned from the findings of a new UBS Wealth Management Americas survey of wealthy investors – lessons that can benefit pre-retirees of all income levels. To read more, CLICK HERE.