How To Wreck Your Retirement – With Minimal Effort

2019-03-21 21_37_26-Red, tranquil, minimal and focu HD photo by Zorlu Tuna Koç (@ztuna) on UnsplashOnly save in tax-deductible accounts – and disregard Roth accounts. Claim your Social Security benefit at age 62 – whether you need it then or not. Plan on your expenses dropping significantly once you leave the workforce. Double down on your employer’s stock. Ditch stocks for bonds when the market goes south. These are five of the 20 ways identified in today’s article that you can go about “wreck[ing] your chances of a financially comfortable retirement”. For more, CLICK HERE.

How “Shadow” Banks Could Decimate Your Retirement

2018-12-09 22_47_09-Silhouette Photo of Woman · Free Stock PhotoIt has been 10 years since the housing crash of 2008, the fallout from which decimated the retirement accounts of many – and now one financial security expert is warning that “the danger of another crisis lurks despite assurances to the contrary.” She cautions that “The massive regulatory response to the subprime crisis meant that banks were no longer allowed to behave badly. So they have chosen to behave differently – and that’s not a good thing.” For more on this potential crisis developing in the shadows, CLICK HERE.

“Fourth Quarter” Retirement Planning Opportunities

2018-03-21 20_55_20-Free stock photos of planning · PexelsWhile the years right before – and just after – retirement can play an especially critical role in one’s financial security in retirement, the author of today’s article points out that “a number of planning steps and strategies arise in the decade or so before retirement—that is, in one’s 50s usually—that can have a big impact before the start of a retirement transition.” He proceeds to outline a number of such “fourth quarter” planning opportunities, covering issues from cash flow and insurance to portfolio allocation and estate planning. For more, CLICK HERE.

Affluent Influence: Retirement Planning Lessons From The Wealthy

2017-07-29 23_03_57-Free stock photo of bank, bank notes, batchThere’s no question that the wealthy have a major advantage when it comes to retirement – but that doesn’t mean that the less affluent can’t learn a thing or two (or three) from the rich about how to achieve a financially secure – and overall fulfilling – retirement. Today’s article looks at some retirement planning lessons that can be gleaned from the findings of a new UBS Wealth Management Americas survey of wealthy investors – lessons that can benefit pre-retirees of all income levels. To read more, CLICK HERE.