Going Broke in Retirement: A Dozen Situations To Consider

2016-03-24 15_29_37-Microsoft Office Picture Manager“Retirement is a major milestone that brings many life changes. One thing that doesn’t change for most people: the fear of running out of money.” In fact, today’s article cites a recent survey finding that “the most frequently reported retirement worry is outliving savings and investments.” As such, the author examines 12 ways in which one could, in fact, go broke in retirement and, more importantly, how to avoid them. While some of these situations are largely outside of one’s control (e.g. you get sick), the author shows how proper financial preparation can still mitigate their impact. To see all 12 ways to go broke in retirement and what steps can be taken to avoid them, CLICK HERE.

Preparing Financially For Possible Widow/Widowerhood

2016-03-17 10_47_09-New notification“Discussing the end of life is never easy,” affirms today’s article. However, it warns that “because women live an average of four years longer than men…if the man takes the lead on family finances, the woman could be in for trouble one day.” It is against this sobering reality that the author outlines five things couples can do in retirement to guard against this happening, from the practical (e.g. communicate!) to the technical (e.g. simplifying accounts such as multiple IRAs). To see all five suggestions, which may prevent a great deal of stress for you or your partner down the road, CLICK HERE.