The “Great Wealth Transfer”: Considerations For Boomers, Their Heirs & The Financial Industry

2016-12-04 18_16_49-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“Over the next several decades, baby boomers – the wealthiest and one-time largest generation in U.S. history – will pass down an estimated $30 trillion in assets to their children and grandchildren,” notes the author of today’s article which looks at the considerations this so-called “great wealth transfer” creates for boomers, their heirs and the financial industry itself. The first thing boomers should consider, according to one financial planner cited? Whether they will end up having an estate to transfer at all due to the costs of long-term care. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Tax Moves To Prepare For A “Richter 9” Shift In Tax Policy

2016-11-27 19_19_01-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“We think this is a policy shift of enormous magnitude. If Reagan was a Richter 8, this is a Richter 9.” This is how one financial planner cited in today’s article sizes up the tax changes that will come under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress. While the general advice is to defer income and accelerate deductions, what specific moves relating to the alternative minimum tax, charitable contributions, estate taxes and the net investment income tax are financial advisors recommending their clients make now in anticipation of impending tax reform? CLICK HERE to find out.

Cliffs Notes On “The Truth About Retirement”

2016-08-07 free stock photosThere’s a new special on retirement – The Truth About Retirement – that begins airing on public television stations this month that the author of today’s article recommends tuning into. The program, from financial planner Ric Edelman, focuses on investing, Social Security claiming and estate planning strategies for a secure retirement. However, if you want a sneak peek (or just the basics in written form), today’s article provides an overview of the investing section of the show. What is Edelman’s best piece of investing advice? What is his case against trying to time the stock market? What counterintuitive piece of advice may be the smartest but also the hardest to do? And why does Edelman urge caution regarding annuities? CLICK HERE to find out.