Will The Recession Snuff Out The FIRE Movement?

2020-03-26 21_05_22-Fire Wallpaper · Free Stock PhotoWill the impending recession bring about the end of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, as some are already predicting? The author of today’s article argues that such predictions reflect a deep misunderstanding of the FIRE movement and that, in actuality, “This recession won’t end the FIRE movement, but it will force it to change. And that change will almost certainly be for the better.” For more, CLICK HERE.

If All That Matters Is Your Dividends, Consider These 7 Quality, High-Yield Stocks

2020-02-19 20_11_06-White Paper With Note · Free Stock Photo“The only thing that matters to me in the short-term is my dividends,” declares the author of today’s article when it comes to his retirement portfolio. As a result, he only checks the value of his retirement portfolio once a year. Between those yearly reviews, he notes, “I’m collecting an exponentially growing stream of safe dividends that put me closer to my dream of a dividend funded financial independence closer with every weekly buy and limit order that fills.” For seven high-yield stocks he is adding to his retirement portfolio, CLICK HERE.

The “Simple Wealth-Building Tools” At Everyone’s Disposal For Achieving Financial Independence

2019-11-21 21_48_35-Jengga blocks during daytime photo – Free Flora Image on UnsplashDoes building a portfolio worth $1 million – and capable of generating at least $30,000 in annual dividend income – sound like a goal that’s completely out of reach, or like an achievable goal worth pursuing? The author of today’s article argues that the difference between those who respond negatively to this idea and those who respond positively to it is that individuals in the latter group “understand the simple mechanics behind achieving financial independence, and [are] using the tools within their disposal to get there.” What are these “simple wealth-building tools” within everyone’s disposal? CLICK HERE.

Obstacles, Solutions, FIRE And Lattes: A “Personal Finance Guru” On Saving For Retirement

2019-10-01 12_59_47-Heavenly Clouds & Spring Sunset _ HD photo by Davies Designs Studio (@davies_desThere’s a consensus that Americans are not saving enough for retirement. But what are the obstacles – including the mental obstacles – that are preventing them from doing so? What can they do to save more for retirement (including those who are close to retirement but haven’t saved enough)? What’s the “wrong picture” many may have of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement? And are lattes really a threat to Americans’ retirement savings? In today’s article, personal finance guru Jean Chatzky tackles these issues and more. For more, CLICK HERE.

Snuffing Out FIRE Myths

2019-08-08 07_48_50-Blue number notebook _ HD photo by Volkan Olmez (@volkanolmez) on UnsplashThe FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) movement ignites feelings of skepticism in many. And “skepticism” might be putting it mildly. As the author of today’s article observes, “it seems that some just can’t help hating on FIRE. They claim few can save the amounts of money needed to retire on time, let alone early. They complain about the return assumptions used in early retirement calculations. And they proclaim that a FIRE lifestyle is just plain boring.” For FIRE skeptics and critics, he proceeds to identify – and attempts to dispel – some of the most pernicious myths surrounding the movement. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Pursuit Of Financial Independence

2019-06-06 22_24_01-Finance Sketch Near Laptop Computer · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to retirement versus financial independence, the author of today’s article sees “both as interchangeable, because in essence, in both cases folks are having the financial flexibility to live life to their own terms, not being chained to a desk or a job they may dislike. In both situations, you have the option to leave one endeavor and focus on another one.” He proceeds to outline the three “main ingredients that allow you to reach financial independence” and the specific investing technique he has chosen to employ in his pursuit of financial independence: dividend growth investing. For more, CLICK HERE.

Delving Into “The Nastiest Hardest Problem In Finance”

2019-03-11 08_23_28-Rubik’s cube photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne (@olav_ahrens) on UnsplashToday’s article calls it “the nastiest hardest problem in finance”: retirement spending strategies. And unfortunately, despite the complexity inherent in retirement spending strategizing, it is often subject to simplistic rules of thumb, most notably the 4% rule. The author outlines the dangers associated with the 4% rule, how it “can go very badly”, and the implications of this for the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement. For more, CLICK HERE.

Check Your Financial Blind Spots – And Attain Financial Independence

2018-12-29 06_58_49-WindowIf you want to arrive safely at your destination, you need to check your blind spots along the way – and this remains true even when the “destination” in question is financial independence. In today’s article, the author outlines several common “financial blind spots” he has observed which can, if not checked, have significant repercussions for your journey to financial independence. For more – including a potential “double blind spot” that can impact retirement – CLICK HERE.

Charting Your Path To Financial Independence/Retiring Early

2018-12-26 21_27_16-1000+ Engaging Fork In Road Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosIn regards to the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) movement, the author of today’s article notes that while “there are lots of moving parts…one crucial step toward achieving that coveted status is as easy to understand as it is difficult to execute” – and that crucial step is depicted in chart form in the article. For what this step is – and what the chart indicates about your ability to achieve FIRE – CLICK HERE.