Don’t Learn These Money Lessons Too Late

2020-02-17 20_32_30-Coins on Brown Wood · Free Stock PhotoDespite having spent decades studying money and finances, the author of today’s article reveals that “it took [him] a decade or more to learn many of life’s most important money lessons and, indeed, some key insights have only come to [him] in recent years.” Among those lessons are “the key to a big portfolio” and what should be – and what shouldn’t be – one’s top financial goal. For 10 money lessons the author has learned over the years – and wishes his younger self had known – CLICK HERE.

Maximizing The Value Of – And Minimizing The Taxes On – Your Employee Stock Options

2018-09-09 20_11_35-10+ Engaging Erase Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosHaving an employee stock option plan is a fortunate position to be in as, if well-managed, these plans can fund major financial goals, including retirement. However, the author of today’s article cautions that “Stock option plans are often misunderstood and choices are often made that leave people paying substantially more taxes on this employee benefit than is absolutely necessary. Small mistakes could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra taxes due, in some cases.” So how can you maximize the value of your company stock options – and navigate the “crazy taxation” that surrounds them? CLICK HERE.

5 “Big Picture Principles” For Reaching Your Financial Goals

2017-04-15 20_23_24-Free stock photo of beach, HD wallpaper, holidayApril is Financial Literacy Month, but the author of today’s article believes that an understanding of five “big picture principles” is even more important when it comes to achieving one’s financial goals (such as having enough money for a secure retirement) than knowledge of specific financial concepts and processes. The first of these big picture principles? While investing is important, “saving is a surer way to wealth than investing.” For the author’s rationale behind this principle – and for the other four principles – CLICK HERE.

Think About This Instead Of Retirement (And 19 Other Personal Finance Rules)

2016-12-18 18_19_20-Films & TVWhen it comes to whether personal finances or portfolio management is more important, the author of today’s article is firmly in the personal finances camp. As such, he lays out a list of 20 personal finance rules, or “20 simple ways you can be smarter about your money.” Among these rules, why does he state that your goal should not be to live within your means, that you need to choose your neighbors wisely, and that everyone should do their own taxes at least once? Why does he state that you shouldn’t be thinking about retirement per se (and what does he argue you should be thinking about instead)? CLICK HERE to find out.