How To Get The Most From Company Stock Upon Retirement

2019-07-22 21_20_33-A place where you would love to be _ _ HD photo by Mohamed Ajufaan (@ajufaan) onIf you accumulate a significant amount of company stock over the course of your career, how can you maximize the value of those concentrated stock holdings when you retire? Noting that “Selling a concentrated stock position can take many years because of tax considerations or restrictions on selling”, the author of today’s article highlights one strategy to consider to generate extra income: using covered calls. For some pointers on this strategy, CLICK HERE.

30 Tips For An Early Retirement

2016-05-15 free stock photosDespite a recent study finding that retiring later might help lengthen one’s life, you may still be looking for ways to retire early. Well today’s article has 30 of them! Specifically, the article outlines 30 “tips to amp up your retirement savings, cut spending and find extra sources of income” in the aim of helping to make the “pipe dream” of early retirement a reality. How many times below your means does the author recommend you should be living? How can you make your vacations “smarter”? Why might you want to reacquaint yourself with nature? CLICK HERE to read more.