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7 High-Yield ETFs For Income Investors

Look to high-yield ETFs for a hedge against declines. In 2022, the stock market has been incredibly volatile and rising interest rates have created a lot of uncertainty around bonds as well. That means many investors have gone “risk off” as they wait for the dust to settle. However, selling everything and hiding out in cash is not always the best bet. Not only do you have to… 

8 Best Commodity ETFs To Fight Inflation

Invest in these commodity ETFs for a potential respite from high inflation. Investors looking for inflation protection can buy physically backed or futures-based commodity exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, that track the price of goods like precious metals, livestock, oil, natural gas and grains. During times of inflation, these ETFs can outperform as prices of their underlying commodities increase. Here are eight of the… 

7 Best Long-Term ETFs To Buy And Hold

These long-term ETFs offer diversification and a low-maintenance strategy. In 2022, it can be hard to keep up with all the volatility in individual stocks. Thankfully, a lot of research shows that “active management” that involves trading in and out of positions frequently can often cause more harm than good. In fact, about 60% of active managers underperformed the S&P… 

7 Of The Best ETFs To Buy For Long-Term Investors

Long-term ETFs offer diversification via a hands-off strategy. A lot of research shows that active management, which sometimes means trading in and out of positions in a fund frequently, can often underperform. Specifically, two recent reports from Morningstar and S&P Global show that in one of the most volatile periods on record, less than half of active funds outperformed their… 

7 Biotech ETFs To Buy Now

Biotech ETFs offer diversified, low-cost exposure. If anyone didn’t already understand the dynamic potential of the health care sector, the pandemic has proven in real time how innovative the next generation of pharmaceutical companies are – and how vital they are to public health. So-called “biotechnology” companies look beyond chemical compounds or surgical tools to harness the power of biological systems… 

These Marijuana Stocks Are Analysts’ Favorites

While the best way to ride the marijuana legalization wave may be through exchange-traded funds, for those interested in specific stock ideas, which marijuana stocks are analysts’ favorites? Today’s article sifts through the holdings of the six largest marijuana ETFs to identify them. For a list of these marijuana stocks and their respective upside potential, CLICK HERE.

Presidential Elections And Buying The Biotech Dip

What’s behind biotech’s recent underperformance? One important factor may be the impending presidential election – and as one exchange-traded fund strategist cited in today’s article explains, “…if history repeats, this pullback may represent an attractive buying opportunity.” What does the history of biotech’s performance leading up to and following presidential elections suggest about buying the biotech dip? CLICK HERE.

ETFs: A Remedy For Biotech Risks

The solution to the substantial risks associated with biotech stocks (especially small biotech firms)? Biotech ETFs! Today’s article highlights six biotech ETFs to consider buying, noting that “Some provide well-rounded access to the space, while others acutely focus on certain aspects of the space, such as cancer treatments or drugs to battle infectious diseases.” For these six biotech ETFs, CLICK… 

Protecting Your Retirement From A Coronavirus-Afflicted Stock Market

How can you protect your retirement from the coronavirus’s tumultuous impact on the stock market? That depends on whether you’re still relatively young, nearing retirement, or in retirement – and today’s article outlines specific advice for those in each group. For more – including several safe short-term mutual funds and ETFs that may be worth considering – CLICK HERE.