Presidential Elections And Buying The Biotech Dip

What’s behind biotech’s recent underperformance? One important factor may be the impending presidential election – and as one exchange-traded fund strategist cited in today’s article explains, “…if history repeats, this pullback may represent an attractive buying opportunity.” What does the history of biotech’s performance leading up to and following presidential elections suggest about buying the biotech dip? CLICK HERE.

ETFs: A Remedy For Biotech Risks

The solution to the substantial risks associated with biotech stocks (especially small biotech firms)? Biotech ETFs! Today’s article highlights six biotech ETFs to consider buying, noting that “Some provide well-rounded access to the space, while others acutely focus on certain aspects of the space, such as cancer treatments or drugs to battle infectious diseases.” For these six biotech ETFs, CLICK HERE.

Navigating The World Of High-Yield ETFs

2020-01-14 21_03_23-WindowHigh-yield exchange-traded funds can be attractive to retirees seeking current income or to any investor seeking diversification. However, the author of today’s article reminds us that “handsome yields always come with a cost in either higher risk or diminished growth” – and so, in order to help navigate the world of high-yield ETFs, he highlights what he sees as the best high-yield funds from seven different categories, including high-yield domestic stock funds, junk bond funds and preferred stock funds. For more, CLICK HERE.

Strategies For Drawing Down – Or Preserving – A $1 Million Nest Egg Over A 30-Year Retirement

2019-09-18 09_11_20-Feeling the Water _ HD photo by Josh Hild (@joshhild) on UnsplashIf you’ve been extremely diligent and managed to save $1 million for retirement, how can you best make that $1 million last for a 30-year retirement? Today’s article outlines four different strategies (two conservative approaches and two moderate approaches) to do just that, with two of the strategies involving drawing down that $1 million nest egg over 30 years and the other two strategies preserving all $1 million for the entire 30 years. For more, CLICK HERE.

How To “Win With Small Steps” – And Boost Your Retirement Savings By $800,000 Or More

2019-06-16 09_34_09-Man Walking on Gray Stairs · Free Stock PhotoIf you’re one of the (too) many Americans that have too little – or nothing at all – in the way of retirement savings, a simple strategy that could boost your savings by $800,000 (and possibly even more) sounds like something worth having a look at – and that’s exactly what the author of today’s article outlines. And while getting the maximum benefit from this strategy requires having many years until retirement, it can still make a significant difference for those close to retirement. For more on this “win with small steps” strategy, CLICK HERE.

Insights From Retirement Boot Camp

2018-10-21 18_58_19-250+ Great Light Bulb Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAt the recent Boot Camp for Investors, a panel of experts discussed considerations when planning for the new retirement – one that could last 20 to 30 years. For what the panel had to say about income investing, cash flow control, the value of ETFs (“So they’re cheap, they’re diversified all good news, but there are also some potentially nasty surprises in some flavors in the marketplace.”), the biggest mistakes retirees make and more, CLICK HERE.

The Good News – And The Bad News – About Fees And Your Retirement Savings

2018-08-21 19_11_46-100+ Amazing Plan Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe good news regarding mutual and exchange-traded fund fees? Last year saw the biggest one-year decline in fees and several major fund companies have been competitively lowering their fees (with one now even offering index funds without any management fees). The bad news, according to today’s article, “is that many investors don’t realize how much they’re paying in fund fees in the first place or how much these expenses and other investment costs are eating into their retirement savings.” How much can seemingly small fees deplete your retirement savings – and how can you minimize their bite? CLICK HERE.

These 2 “Innovative” ETFs Can Help Boost Retirement Income

2018-08-18 20_38_49-30+ Engaging Innovative Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWith paltry bond yields on one hand and the risks associated with high-yielding funds and stocks on the other, generating enough income in a low interest rate environment can be challenging for retirees. However, today’s article highlights two “innovative” ETFs that the author sees as offering slightly higher yields while mitigating risks. The first of these two funds seeks out not just high dividends but high sustainable dividends, and the second fund seeks to get extra yield from high-quality large-caps. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Homemade REIT ETF For This Rising Rate Environment

2018-03-04 16_16_21-Free stock photos of bank interest rate · PexelsWith REITs being hammered by rising interest rates, the author of today’s article sought out REIT ETFs that attempt to mitigate the effect of rising rates – and found that no such funds currently exist. So, he went about building his own REIT ETF “that in theory responds better to interest rates, lowers volatility and eliminates ultra high yield companies to avoid chasing yield.” For the multi-step screen used – and the final 20 REITs that passed all the filters – CLICK HERE.