Taking Stock Of Stock Exposure At Retirement

2019-12-12 21_00_10-person holding green mug photo – Free Coffee Image on UnsplashWhen it comes to how to approach investing in retirement (where retirees face several different kinds of risk, including the risk of running out of money due to insufficient portfolio growth and “sequence of returns” risk), the author of today’s article notes that “you need to balance the risk of too little growth with the risk of too much equity exposure at the wrong time.” So how much stock is the right amount of stock to own in retirement? While there’s no magic number, the author offers some suggestions and strategies to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Right-Sizing Your Retirement Risk

2019-07-02 21_02_34-American Flag Flagpole _ HD photo by Jake Ingle (@ingle_jake) on Unsplash“The riskiest day in your entire financial life is the day you retire,” declares one investment manager cited in today’s article, which examines the critical conundrum that retirees face today: “How to invest in retirement with enough risk to maintain your purchasing power for 30-plus years while not taking so much risk that you leave your underbelly exposed.” So what are some strategies for doing so – including one strategy that involves maintaining a specific constant equity exposure throughout retirement? CLICK HERE.