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Canoo Inc Inks Deal With Walmart For Up To 10,000 EVs

Canoo Stock Could Make Gains of 500%+ Electric vehicle (EV) maker Canoo Inc (NASDAQ:GOEV) has finally given its long-suffering shareholders something to cheer about. The company recently announced a deal to provide Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) with thousands of delivery vans. “Canoo is now in a position to issue guidance at a time when many others in the industry are reducing targets… 

Future of Electric Vehicles

Future Of Electric Vehicles Cemented As Internal Combustion Vehicle Sales In “Permanent Decline”

Some drivers might be fighting the idea of ever driving an electric vehicle (EV), but it looks like their protestations are in vain. According to a recent report, sales of non-plug-in internal combustion vehicles hit a peak in 2017. That means it’s all downhill for internal combustion vehicles, with the future being handed to EVs. The EV market opportunity between… 


Go From Zero To 60 With A Still-Early-Stage Stake In Fisker

While electric vehicle (EV) start-up Fisker (NYSE:FSR) certainly isn’t the only company with unique vehicles, it has generated a lot of press coverage. It’s not difficult to find commentators talking about FSR stock, with both positive and negative reviews. You’ve probably heard about the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that just passed, which will allocate $7.5 billion toward vehicle electrification. It’s reasonable to expect Fisker…