Sobering Warnings From The Most Accurate Economic Forecaster

2020-07-05 19_32_11-Banknotes of American dollars in hand against flag · Free Stock PhotoThe man who has been ranked as the most accurate forecaster of US economic data eight years in a row by Bloomberg has some sobering warnings when it comes to the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic – and how that could impact the current stock market rally. For what he has to say about how long it will take the US to experience a full recovery – and the chances of a stock market correction from August to November – CLICK HERE.

3 Social Security Supplementing Stocks To Secure?

2016-08-01 free stock photosFor Social Security recipients looking to supplement their check with some defensive, low-risk divided stocks, today’s article identifies three such stocks to consider. Specifically, the author highlights three stocks representing companies that are expanding, whose products and services are in demand regardless of the state of broader economic conditions, and which are picks of the likes of Warren Buffett and the Gates Foundation Trust. To find out what these stocks are, as well as for an analysis of each, CLICK HERE.