High-Conviction Retirement Portfolio Pullback Picks

2020-01-02 19_55_23-Man Holding Folder Crossing the Road · Free Stock PhotoThe author of today’s article believes a pullback is very likely this year – and when that anticipated pullback arrives (and other investors are fearful) there are five “top priority” stocks they will be greedily buying for their retirement portfolio, noting that “Each is a quality company growing at a rapid pace that should deliver strong double-digit returns over time.” For these five high-conviction pullback picks – including what the author notes is “the only non-dividend stock I own or plan to own for the foreseeable future” – CLICK HERE.

Looking Beyond Dividend Stocks For Solid Retirement Investments

2019-01-25 20_26_41-1000+ Engaging Looking Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Although dividend stocks are a mainstay of a retirement portfolio, they are not the only stocks you should have,” advises the author of today’s article, who proceeds to highlight three stocks offering income and growth to consider for retirement. For these three stocks, as well as the author’s advice regarding the right amount of portfolio diversification in retirement and his answer to the question “Is any risk allowed in a well-designed retirement portfolio?”, CLICK HERE.

How Real Estate, Latin America – And Beer! – Can Pay Dividends For Your Retirement

2017-07-10 09_55_34-Free stock photo of hands, macro, plantHow can real estate, Latin America and beer help fund your retirement? Through dividends! Today’s article highlights three dividend-paying stocks – a real-estate investment trust that has increased its dividend for more than 27 consecutive years, a beer maker that analysts expect will continue to grow earnings by at least 15% annually for the next five years, and a Latin American e-commerce specialist that – while offering a paltry yield right now – is positioned for substantial growth (and has the free cash flow to increase its payout seven-fold right now). To find out what these three stocks are, CLICK HERE.