The Last Refuge For Retirees And Other Conservative Investors?

2019-07-16 21_52_11-On my eames _ HD photo by Nikita Kachanovsky (@nkachanovskyyy) on Unsplash“If you’re retired or a conservative investor who cannot afford to lose money, your bank certificate of deposits are about to become worthless. Or close to worthless,” declares the author of today’s article as it appears the Fed is gearing up to cut interest rates. So what are fixed-income investors who want to make money on cash without putting that cash in the stock market to do? The author identifies their “one option in the conservative fixed-income space” – and what may be the best specific bet. For more, CLICK HERE.

How An Early Retiree Is Taking Stock Of His 2018 Losses – And Preparing For A Potentially Even Worse 2019

2019-01-20 15_45_21-WindowDespite being very conservative and diversified, the author of today’s article’s retirement portfolio did slightly worse than the Dow last year, with every single one of his holdings (other than cash) posting a loss – his worst return since 2008. Having lost 10% of his net worth, and believing that 2019 could be even worse for the markets than 2018, how is this early retiree coping? For his current holdings, his second thoughts on 2018, and how he’s responding to warning signals for 2019, CLICK HERE.