5 High-Yielding Funds For A Contrarian Move On Energy

2017-12-03 16_42_57-Home decor _ wooden number 5 · Free Stock PhotoThe energy sector has had a rough year – and the five energy-focused closed-end funds highlighted in today’s article have gotten beaten up right along with it. For the contrarian investor, then, the author of today’s article advises that “if you think 2018 is going to be oil’s year and you want a big income stream while you wait for the market to realize the commodity’s potential, these are the funds for you.” For these five funds – each of which offers a yield above 10% – CLICK HERE.

From Nearly Dead To Hot Commodity: Coal’s Reversal Of Fortune

2016-09-11 18_53_11-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“It’s a commodity that’s been on the slippery slide for the past four years and it’s making a remarkable recovery.” This is what one analyst cited in today’s article had to say about the resurrection of coal – a resurrection that the article’s author believes “may have further room to run.” To read about the factors that have contributed to this reversal of fortunes for coal – which is now one of the best-performing commodities after prices started the year near decade lows – as well as coal’s potential for further gains – especially with a La Nina weather pattern – CLICK HERE.