Why Your Retirement Glide Path May Be Off – And How To Refine It

2019-06-09 20_42_15-Person Stands on Brown Pathway · Free Stock PhotoNew research from well-known, Boston-based money management firm GMO has an important warning for retirement savers of all ages when it comes to their glide paths (the gradual reduction in one’s allocation to equities as they get closer to – and then enter –retirement). As today’s article outlines, the research indicates that “No matter how young you are, chances are that you are too heavily invested in equities.” What is the potential flaw in how glide paths have been determined up until now – and what might more appropriate glide paths look like? CLICK HERE.

“Fourth Quarter” Retirement Planning Opportunities

2018-03-21 20_55_20-Free stock photos of planning · PexelsWhile the years right before – and just after – retirement can play an especially critical role in one’s financial security in retirement, the author of today’s article points out that “a number of planning steps and strategies arise in the decade or so before retirement—that is, in one’s 50s usually—that can have a big impact before the start of a retirement transition.” He proceeds to outline a number of such “fourth quarter” planning opportunities, covering issues from cash flow and insurance to portfolio allocation and estate planning. For more, CLICK HERE.