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“It’s Not Going Well”: A Critique Of America’s Do-It-Yourself Retirement System

2016-08-01 free stock photos“Even if you were an incredibly well-informed investor and paid a great deal of attention, it’s very hard to succeed in this system.” This is the assessment of law professor William A. Birdthistle, who has penned a new book on the perceived failures of the United States’ do-it-yourself retirement system, specifically mutual funds and 401(k)s. To read what Birdthistle sees as the problems with funds and 401(k)s, what he considers to be a “perverse” system of fees, and why he believes that employees should be required to get licenses before being able to invest in their 401(k)s – as well as his thoughts on exchange-traded funds, target-date funds and more – CLICK HERE to read today’s article, which features a comprehensive interview with him.