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A “Down-Market Survival Guide” For The Final 10 Years Before Retirement

2019-09-02 09_21_10-Text of Time #10 _ HD photo by HENCE THE BOOM (@hencetheboom) on UnsplashA market downturn can mean very different things for those still early in their investment careers, those approaching retirement, and those in retirement. Those in the first group may be able to shrug off a downturn as there’s still lots of time for their portfolios to recover. In regards to the latter two groups, the author of today’s article notes that “because their retirements haven’t yet commenced, preretirees have even more tools in their tool kits than retirees” to navigate a downturn – and she proceeds to outline a “down-market survival guide” for those within 10 years of retirement. For more, CLICK HERE.