Smart Retirement Location, Location, Location

2019-07-29 21_10_55-Close-Up Photo of Assorted Color of Push Pins on Map · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to identifying the “best” retirement locations, the author of today’s article acknowledges that “the best place to retire will ultimately depend on the retiree”. Still, there are some key factors relevant to all retirees, including housing costs, tax rates and health care. As such, the author proceeds to highlight what may be nine of the smartest retirement locations in the U.S., most of which “have a moderate to low cost of living, and all are located in states that exempt all or a portion of retirement income from taxes, with the exception of one.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Fundamental Principles For Designing A Dividend Growth Portfolio For Retirement

2019-07-28 21_14_41-Person Holding Pen and Planner · Free Stock PhotoIf you’re an investor that is fortunate enough to have amassed a portfolio capable of producing the income you require to live off of comfortably in retirement, today’s article outlines some fundamental principles to consider when designing a dividend growth portfolio for retirement, with the author advising that “These principles can be utilized to reconstitute a portfolio that has previously been more growth oriented when in the accumulation phase. Additionally, these principles can be utilized to effectively manage the portfolios of already retired investors focused on income.” For more, CLICK HERE.

“Income, Income and Income”: 6 Retirement-Funding Funds With Market-Doubling Yields

2019-07-27 21_24_46-Dollar bill _ HD photo by NeONBRAND (@neonbrand) on UnsplashWhen it comes to generating retirement income, the author of today’s article advises that “Getting yield that’s at least twice SPY’s can make it worthwhile to take on higher costs and other risks” – and he proceeds to highlight several funds for retirement income, recommended by prominent financial advisors, whose yields at least double the yield of the broad market. For the details of these six funds – including the pros and cons of each – CLICK HERE.

Doing A Zero-Tax Retirement Right

2019-07-26 07_51_58-Key with _Duplication Prohibited_ on it _ HD photo by Kelly Sikkema (@kellysikkeIf you’re one of the many Americans – particularly those in high-tax states – considering moving to a no-tax state like Florida, Nevada or Texas for your retirement, the author of today’s article cautions that successfully carrying out this tax-saving strategy is “not as simple as just buying a property and claiming that you are a resident.” He proceeds to identify five “primary domiciling factors” to be aware of – and outlines a real-world example of a zero-tax retirement relocation done right. For more, CLICK HERE.

How To Get The Most From Company Stock Upon Retirement

2019-07-22 21_20_33-A place where you would love to be _ _ HD photo by Mohamed Ajufaan (@ajufaan) onIf you accumulate a significant amount of company stock over the course of your career, how can you maximize the value of those concentrated stock holdings when you retire? Noting that “Selling a concentrated stock position can take many years because of tax considerations or restrictions on selling”, the author of today’s article highlights one strategy to consider to generate extra income: using covered calls. For some pointers on this strategy, CLICK HERE.

A Midsummer Financial To-Do List For Retirees

2019-07-22 08_23_38-RayBan sunglasses _ HD photo by Ethan Robertson (@ethanrobertson) on Unsplash“Because calendars often become more cluttered between September and year-end, midsummer is a good time to take a closer look at your financial life,” advises the author of today’s article, who proceeds to outline a number of financial tasks that retirees may want to tackle now rather than later. First up on this to-do list? Making a preliminary assessment of whether you’ll itemize deductions or take the standard deduction – and why it may be best to think multiyear when making this determination. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Last Refuge For Retirees And Other Conservative Investors?

2019-07-16 21_52_11-On my eames _ HD photo by Nikita Kachanovsky (@nkachanovskyyy) on Unsplash“If you’re retired or a conservative investor who cannot afford to lose money, your bank certificate of deposits are about to become worthless. Or close to worthless,” declares the author of today’s article as it appears the Fed is gearing up to cut interest rates. So what are fixed-income investors who want to make money on cash without putting that cash in the stock market to do? The author identifies their “one option in the conservative fixed-income space” – and what may be the best specific bet. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why Retirees Aren’t Making The “Financially Optimal” Social Security Decision – And Leaving Trillions On The Table

2019-07-16 09_43_10-Stock market direction _ HD photo by AbsolutVision (@freegraphictoday) on Unspla$3.4 trillion. According to a new study, that’s how much retirees have lost, and are losing, by not making the optimal decision when it comes to when to claim Social Security benefits. That’s $111,000 per household! According to the study, “the average Social Security recipient would get 9% more income in retirement by making the ‘financially optimal’ decision about when to claim benefits.” So what is the “financially optimal” decision – and why aren’t retirees making it and leaving trillions on the table? CLICK HERE.

“Easier Than You Expect”: How An Ordinary Person With A Modest Salary Can Become A 401(k) Millionaire

2019-07-14 15_32_48-Bench, human, person and people _ HD photo by Ihor Malytskyi (@ihor_malytskyi) oThirty-four percent of workers who have calculated how much they need to save for retirement concluded their magic retirement number is $1 million – and the author of today’s article has some encouraging words for those striving to amass $1 million for retirement on modest salaries: “building your nest egg to that size can be easier than you expect…All you have to do is follow some simple steps.” For more on what characterizes ordinary people with typical paychecks who become 401(k) millionaires, CLICK HERE.

Hack Your Retirement Plan With Behavioral Economics

2019-07-12 07_31_37-Me and my film crew were setting up f... _ HD photo by Nik MacMillan (@nikarthurCalling it “a transformative science”, the author of today’s article outlines some of the ways in which “you and your employer and plan sponsors can hack your retirement” using the principles of behavioral economics – including how simply visualizing your future (older) self can help you boost your retirement savings and how, when it comes to 401(k) plans, it’s important to avoid “the tyranny of too much choice”. For more, CLICK HERE.