Bull, Bear Or In-Between: When Is It Better To Retire?

2018-11-29 21_47_07-200+ Amazing Numbers Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAre you better off retiring in a bull market or a bear market? For those who have the option of retiring now while the good times are still here or waiting until things go south, this is an especially salient question. In today’s article, the author runs the numbers on retiring during a raging bull market versus retiring in a bear market, and shows why the latter may be better. For more – including some insights on retiring during times of uncertainty when there is neither a bull market nor a bear market – CLICK HERE.

“Retiree Dream Stocks”: 3 High-Yield Picks For Conservative Investors From A Volatile Industry

2018-11-25 19_49_08-Dream Pictures · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosDespite the volatility associated with the oil industry – and the fact that oil prices have once again crashed into a bear market – the author of today’s article points out that there are still solid picks in this area for conservative investors, including retirees. He proceeds to highlight three blue-chip oil stocks with “attributes that make them high-yield retiree dream stocks, capable of delivering generous, safe and rising income even when oil prices crash.” For an in-depth look at these three stocks – and which one the author believes is the best of the bunch – CLICK HERE.

Smart Investing For Your Retirement Accounts

2018-11-25 19_45_46-10+ Interesting Account Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosHow should you invest your retirement accounts? With IRAs holding about $9 trillion and 401(k)s holding about $5 trillion, that is the critical question that today’s article tackles. In seeking to answer it, the author highlights the importance of intrinsic stock value, reinvested dividends (and tax deferral), diversification – and Warren Buffett. For more on investing your retirement accounts, CLICK HERE.

The Retirement Killers

2018-11-18 14_42_47-500+ Amazing Financial Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhat are the biggest sources of financial regret among Americans who have retired or are nearing retirement? A recent study examined just that – and today’s article outlines its findings. More specifically, the author highlights ten “retirement killers” the study identified “that might not be so obvious in advance.” For these ten retirement killers – “and the probability that each one will leave you with saving regret after age 60” – CLICK HERE.

This Trading Activity Could Increase Your Risk Of A “Retirement Fail”

2018-11-18 14_39_57-20+ Beautiful X Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAs market volatility picked up in October, so did the daily trading activity in 401(k) plans – with one analysis finding that the daily trading activity in 401(k) plans was more than double the normal level during this period, as investors abandoned equities and fled to fixed income. But retirement investors may be increasing their risk of a “retirement fail” with this sort of “knee-jerk” trading activity. For more, CLICK HERE.

Answering The Annuity Question

2018-11-18 14_27_44-10+ Amazing Question Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosTo annuitize or not to annuitize: that is the question that the author of today’s article tackles – and a question that he notes “nearly all retirees and soon-to-be-retirees face at one time or another.” Do annuities have a place in your retirement portfolio? Is there a better alternative when it comes to having a stream of income that is guaranteed to last as long as you do? And what may be the optimal amount of your retirement portfolio to allocate to annuities? CLICK HERE.

Retiring At The (Market) Peak: How Bad Is it?

2018-11-15 08_03_37-1000+ Amazing Financial Health Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhat happens if you have the bad luck to retire at a market peak, right before a brutal bear market (a scenario that many approaching retirement right now may be especially concerned about)? The author of today’s article runs the numbers to determine what effect this has on a portfolio’s value over the course of a retirement – and his findings may surprise you. For more – including what leads the author to conclude that “Retiring just before a stock market peak could be ruinous to your financial health but it doesn’t have to be” – CLICK HERE.

The New Three-Legged Retirement Stool – And How To Build One

2018-11-09 16_02_47-WindowThe old three-legged stool for retirement consisted of a pension, Social Security and personal savings. However, with pensions now largely obsolete and the future of Social Security in question, the author of today’s article outlines “the new three-legged retirement stool”, which he sees as consisting of personal pre-tax savings, personal after-tax savings, and income from personal hustle. For more on the new three-legged retirement stool – and how to build one that is solid – CLICK HERE.