Benefit A Lot From A Little More With This “Most Important” Retirement Strategy

2018-06-26 21_03_28-100+ Beautiful Strategy Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosToday’s article describes it as “The single most important retirement strategy” – and how much of an impact it can have on your standard of living in retirement may well surprise you. That strategy, according to a new study? Working a little bit longer – maybe even just an extra few months. For more on the surprisingly large impact working a little longer can have, why this is the case – and what it says about the importance of focusing on what matters most when it comes to retirement planning – CLICK HERE.

Meaningful Moves To Boost Your Retirement Savings

2018-06-24 19_20_08-50+ Engaging Move Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAmericans on the whole are not contributing enough to their 401(k)s to fund retirements that will not require a reduction in their standard of living. As such, the author of today’s article looks at “how you can meaningfully begin saving more today for your retirement”. For his insights – including what he identifies as “the simplest and most effective way to significantly increase the amount you save” and some strategies for gig workers – CLICK HERE.

Rising Rate Retirement Rules

2018-06-19 06_31_57-1000+ Engaging High Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe Federal Reserve just raised interest rates once again and another two rate hikes are now likely before the end of the year. Against this backdrop, the author of today’s article acknowledges that “many market participants, especially retirees with fixed-income-heavy investment mixes, are reasonably concerned about what a period of rising interest rates could mean for their portfolios and for the rest of their financial lives” – and outlines a number of rising rate do’s and don’ts for retirees to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

Navigating The Challenges Of “The Evolving Retirement Planning Landscape”

2018-06-17 19_12_35-Landscape pictures · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhether one is in the pre-retirement accumulation stage or the retirement decumulation stage, retirement planning seems to be getting increasingly complicated. At a recent investment conference, research and innovations related to the challenges posed by the evolving retirement planning landscape were discussed. For some key takeaways from this discussion – pertaining to target-date funds, Social Security, safe withdrawal rates, annuities and more – CLICK HERE.

Should These Stocks Be Retirement Portfolio Rejects?

2018-06-17 19_08_29-Brainstorming over paper photo by Helloquence (@helloquence) on UnsplashA firm with a cult-like following, a “beloved ‘industrial’ firm” with a seemingly attractive dividend, and a group of high-growth names make up the seven stocks highlighted in today’s article as being ones that those in – or those going into – retirement may be wise to avoid, according to experts. For these seven stocks – including “one dividend payer that most retirees own but should reconsider”, according to experts – CLICK HERE.

The “New Thinking” Required Of Retirees Today

2018-06-14 09_01_53-100+ Beautiful Think Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosTrying to tap a lifetime’s worth of savings—enough to enjoy retirement but not so much that you imperil your later years—has never been easy, but it’s about to get a whole lot harder,” warns one retirement researcher cited in today’s article, who sees a confluence of factors coming together to make this “the worst time to retire since just before the dot-com bubble burst.” What are these factors, what do they mean for recent and near-retirees – and what “new thinking” is required of retirees today? CLICK HERE.

Retirees’ “Fundamental Misunderstanding” Of Bonds And Higher Interest Rates

2018-06-10 21_25_30-Interesting Agree Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe author of today’s article argues that retirees should be viewing higher interest rates favorably. This, however, is not how many retirees are reacting to higher rates – and the author suggests that this negative reaction “betrays a fundamental misunderstanding about investing in bonds.” What, in the author’s view, are many retirees getting wrong about investing in bonds, specifically when it comes to the importance they place on “getting your money back”? CLICK HERE.

A Better Way To Consistent Dividend Growth In Retirement

2018-06-10 21_23_06-Plant Pictures · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF, which seeks to track companies that have consistently increased their dividends for ten consecutive years, may seem like a great pick for retirees looking for reliable income. As today’s article points out, however, there is a problem: despite holding companies that have a track record of raising their dividends for ten consecutive years, the ETF itself has not done the same. Why can’t retirees rely on this fund to consistently pay out ever-increasing dividends – and what ETF does the author highlight as possibly being a better alternative? CLICK HERE.

What People Around The Globe Don’t Understand About Retirement

2018-06-04 06_43_39-Globe Images · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosA large chunk of people around the globe are not prepared for – and do not understand some of the key concepts related to – retirement. This is one of the conclusions that can be drawn from the Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey – and a financial literacy test given as part of it, which many participants failed. For more – including what in particular people globally fail to understand about investment, inflation, and the megatrends impacting retirement (and for the test itself) – CLICK HERE.