A Homemade REIT ETF For This Rising Rate Environment

2018-03-04 16_16_21-Free stock photos of bank interest rate · PexelsWith REITs being hammered by rising interest rates, the author of today’s article sought out REIT ETFs that attempt to mitigate the effect of rising rates – and found that no such funds currently exist. So, he went about building his own REIT ETF “that in theory responds better to interest rates, lowers volatility and eliminates ultra high yield companies to avoid chasing yield.” For the multi-step screen used – and the final 20 REITs that passed all the filters – CLICK HERE.

Rising Interest Rates vs. Tax Reform: Will You Lose Money In The End?

2018-03-04 16_11_57-Free stock photos of lose money · PexelsMuch of the market volatility of late has been the result of concerns over inflation creeping up – and the prospect of the Federal Reserve continuing to raise interest rates in response. The author of today’s article looks at what rising rates mean for your money, depending on the positioning of your portfolio in terms of bonds and stocks. Will you lose money as interest rates rise? And what about the new tax law – shouldn’t that help your investments? For more, CLICK HERE.

Are These The Top 10 Stocks For Today’s Retiree?

2018-03-04 16_09_25-Free stock photos of trade · Pexels“I think there should be a big difference between a retiree portfolio and a retirement portfolio,” argues the author of today’s article, noting that, while a retirement portfolio (held during the pre-retirement accumulation phase) should focus on growth first and foremost, a retiree portfolio (held in retirement) requires a shift in focus to income generation and lower volatility. He proceeds to highlight what he believes are the Top 10 stocks for a core retiree portfolio today. For these ten stocks, CLICK HERE.