3 “Off-The-Beaten-Track” Bond ETFs For Income Portfolios

2017-08-27 12_57_17-Free stock photo of bank, bank notes, batchForget bland and boring bond funds – the author of today’s article highlights three bond exchange-traded funds that he sees as “off-the-beaten-track [picks] with world-class qualities.” To learn about these three bonds ETFs – including a “fallen angels” play that owns “once highly touted corporate bonds [that have] slipped down the credit ladder – and how they can be best used in an income portfolio, CLICK HERE.

Mapping A Million: How Far A $1 Million Nest Egg Will Get You, By State

2017-08-27 12_54_30-Close Up of Pictures · Free Stock PhotoHow far a $1 million nest egg will get you in retirement depends on where that retirement takes place. Today’s article highlights the findings of a new report which assessed how many years $1 million would last for retirees 65 and older for each state, with numbers ranging from 26.3 years in one state to 11.9 years in another. Where will a million last the longest, where will it last the shortest – and how far will a million get you in your expected retirement state? CLICK HERE to find out.

How To Take Your Retirement Budget For A Trial Run

2017-08-20 08_17_59-Free stock photo of art, arts and crafts, board game“Though some people end up spending less in retirement than they estimated, odds are you won’t be in this group,” cautions the author of today’s article. In order to avoid spending more in retirement than estimated – and thus drawing down your nest egg more quickly than planned – the author recommends beginning to live the retirement life well before retirement. What does this mean for everything from car payments to vacations to your golf game? CLICK HERE to read more.

The Margarita, The No-Brainer And Other “Lazy” Retirement Portfolios

2017-08-20 08_16_10-Red Slush Drink in Glass on Beach · Free Stock PhotoThere are over 8,000 mutual funds and the average participant in a workplace retirement plan has 28 investment options to choose from. However, the author of today’s article advises that “you can create a smart, diversified portfolio with just a handful of mutual funds” – and she proceeds to highlight some model “lazy portfolios” to do just that. To learn about the Margarita Portfolio, the No-Brainer Portfolio and more – as well as the past performance of these portfolios – CLICK HERE.

Fiduciary Fallout: Will Less Choice In Mutual Funds Help Or Hurt Retirement Savers?

2017-08-20 08_13_24-Gold Padlock Locking Door · Free Stock PhotoWhile the primary casualty of the fiduciary rule – which began to take effect in June – is intended to be conflicts of interest on the part of financial advisers when it comes to their clients’ retirement accounts, today’s article identifies another potential casualty of the rule: the number of mutual funds offered by brokerage firms as they seek to comply with the rule. While advocates of the fiduciary rule claim that investors will benefit from this pruning of funds, others are concerned about the implications of this “less is more” approach. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The TRUE Path To Dividend Income

2017-08-13 10_26_17-Free stock photo of binocular, country lane, filterFANG stocks are certainly sexy, exciting and have been incredible performers in recent years. However, if your key investment objective is dividend income, the author of today’s article argues that you should be focusing on a different (albeit far less sexy and exciting) acronym: TRUE. While the FANG acronym represents four specific stocks, TRUE represents the four stock sectors that the author sees as “the lifeblood of dividend-equity portfolios”. To read more about the TRUE path to dividend income, CLICK HERE.

Will Tax Reform Leave Your Retirement Income “Rothified”?

2017-08-13 10_24_12-Rolled 20 U.s Dollar Bill · Free Stock PhotoIn the wake of their failure on health care reform, Republicans in Washington are determined to pass tax reform – and as today’s article notes, “among the tax reform proposals currently being discussed is one that would convert part or all of workers’ tax-deferred 401(k) contributions to Roth 401(k) contributions, which are made after taxes have been removed.” What would this “Rothification” of retirement plans mean in practical terms for middle-income workers now and in retirement? CLICK HERE to read more.

“Squandered Opportunity”: What Baby Boomers Got Wrong, Leading To A Retirement Crisis

2017-08-13 10_21_36-Free stock photo of adult, affection, babyThat baby boomers face a retirement crisis is a widely accepted fact. But what caused it? It may seem that the answer to this question must be complicated, but the author of today’s article has a relatively simple explanation, stating that “If I had to point to one variable that could explain why so many are so ill-prepared for retirement it would be this.” What is the variable in question – and what lesson can younger generations learn from what the boomers got wrong? CLICK HERE to find out.

Is Your Retirement Saving On Track? Find Out With These Online Calculators

2017-08-06 17_00_13-Black Calculator · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to saving for retirement, the author of today’s article states that “although there are no shortcuts to saving – you just need to get on an automatic program and save as much as possible – there are some quick routes to finding out the right numbers.” Among those “quick routes” are retirement calculators which, while not perfect, can provide a decent assessment as to whether you are on track with your saving. The author proceeds to highlight three online retirement calculators that retirement savers may find particularly useful. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The Latest Salvo In The Government’s Efforts To Make It Harder To Save For Retirement

2017-08-06 16_56_27-Brown Leather Wallet Using Blue Steel Clap · Free Stock PhotoA significant percentage of Americans are not saving enough (or at all) for retirement – and the U.S. government seems to be doing everything it can to exacerbate this problem. The latest example of this is the Treasury Department’s canceling of the Obama-era myRA program for individuals who did not have access to a 401(k) or other retirement plan at work. What other actions has the government taken this year that could make saving for retirement more difficult – and what are retirement savers to do in the face of this? CLICK HERE to read more.