Safe Spending: Strategies For Ensuring Your Nest Egg Lasts As Long As You Do

2017-01-29 20_18_46-Films & TVLeading up to retirement the goal is producing enough income to build a sizable nest egg. Upon retirement the goal shifts to spending what has been built up in such a way that you don’t outlive your nest egg. And while the general rule of thumb has been the 4% rule – that retirees could safely withdraw 4% of their assets each year – there is much debate over whether this rule is still valid today. As such, today’s article outlines several strategies that retirees can use to help ensure their nest egg lasts throughout their lifetime. To find out what these strategies are, CLICK HERE.

Five Funds For A Faster $1 Million Nest Egg

2017-01-25 19_50_09-Selective Focus Photography2 Blue Egg on Nest · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to accumulating that $1 million figure often cited as the recommended amount for a retirement nest egg, the author of today’s article states there are two choices: “Either we can wait nearly half a century…or we can become millionaires faster if we can get a better return.” He proceeds to outline a basket of five funds which – with a 12.8% average annual return – can generate $1 million much faster. To find out what these five funds are – and why this higher return does not necessarily mean higher risk – CLICK HERE.

Retiring On REITs: 3 REITs To Consider For Your Retirement Portfolio

2017-01-22 19_48_23-Films & TV“Perhaps the best stocks you can buy for your retirement portfolio are dividend stocks with strong long-term growth potential,” acknowledges the author of today’s article, who sees real estate investment trusts as offering some of the best opportunities in this regard despite their poor performance of late due to rising interest rates. Three REITs that the author sees as top picks are highlighted. To find out what these REITs are – including a healthcare REIT that has spun off its riskier assets and a retail REIT that leases to recession- and competition-resistant tenants – CLICK HERE.

This Revolutionary Company Could Be The Microsoft Of Millennials’ Retirement Portfolios

2017-01-15 17_55_10-PhotosOf the stock highlighted in today’s article – which the author believes could do for the retirement portfolios of millennials what stocks like Microsoft did for the retirement portfolios of older generations – the author states “While we can’t promise it’s the next Apple, it has a good chance to be.” To find out what this company – operating in the revolutionary “wireless electricity” space – is, why it may be positioned for “the kind of exponential growth capable of solving millennials’ retirement needs”, and for the author’s recommended action to take, CLICK HERE.

Is Your Estate Prepared For Armageddon?

2017-01-16 08_47_00-Free stock photo of aged, cane, elderDoes your estate need a Plan B? The author of today’s article warns that, while the assumption when drawing up a will is that you will pre-decease your heirs, “accidents and crimes can claim several lives in one swoop…Without proper preparation, those kinds of situations can snarl your estate plan, potentially reducing the value of assets you bequeath or putting them in the hands of people you never intended to receive them.” As such, she proceeds to outline several elements you may want to consider in your estate planning – including simultaneous death clauses and the so-called “Titanic” clause. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Are Any Of These 10 Potential Retirement Ruiners In Your Portfolio?

2017-01-15 17_49_26-Black Frame Eyeglasses Near White Ceramic Mug · Free Stock PhotoThe ten stocks identified in today’s article may be nice stocks to trade for short-term profit, but you may not want to bet your retirement portfolio on them. Specifically, the author identifies ten stocks that he argues “are more likely to hurt your retirement than help it” as they lack what he sees as the critical feature for retirement stocks: being future proof. To find out what these ten potential retirement ruiners are – and why they may not be as future proof as they may seem – CLICK HERE.

What’s In The Social Security Report Nobody’s Talking About?

2017-01-07 19_34_30-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useA majority of Americans believe that their children will be worse off financially than they are and, as today’s article notes, this concern appears to have merit in at least one critical respect: Social Security. Specifically, the article looks at the findings of the most recent trustee’s report for Social Security that “almost nobody noticed.” What’s in the report, why is it important, and what does it mean for younger generations? CLICK HERE to find out.