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Problems With The 737 MAX Or Not, Here’s Why Boeing Stock Is A Buy

It’s been a tough past few weeks for Boeing (BA) and its shareholders. Concerns about the safety of its ballyhooed 737 MAX jets were rekindled early last month after loose bolts were discovered by two different airlines’ maintenance workers.

A mid-flight panel blowout on an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 jet just a few days later only exacerbated these worries. The fourth quarter’s earnings and revenue both ended up rolling in better than expected, and the company even narrowed its loss. But the stock’s still losing ground.

Interested investors may still want to use this weakness as a buying opportunity, though. There’s one number saying the company’s going to be fine despite the seemingly never-ending problems with its 737 MAX series of commercial jets. See what it is.

This post originally appeared at The Motley Fool.