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A Recession Could Be Coming In 2023. Here’s Warren Buffett’s Investing Advice

If you’ve listened to any pundits, analysts, or economists, you know by now that there is a good chance the U.S. economy will tip into a recession either next year or in 2024.

How severe that recession will be is anyone’s guess. After the Federal Reserve just conducted four consecutive 0.75 percentage-point interest rate hikes, investors are finding themselves in uncharted waters, especially as the Fed also unwinds its massive balance sheet. 

That said, investors should prepare for what is to come. Legendary investor Warren Buffett, whose company Berkshire Hathaway has widely outperformed the broader market over the last seven decades, has seen a recession or two in his day and has the experience many retail investors lack. Here’s Buffett’s advice for investing during a recession.

This post originally appeared at The Motley Fool.