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7 Stocks To Buy Before The Flying Cars Trend Takes Off

In 1940, automaker Henry Ford said, “Mark my words: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming.” Ford was teased for the statement, but now, decades later, the same technologies that power drones and steer autonomous vehicles could launch flying cars. Thus, this concept has gone “from the pages of sci-fi comics to the skies of our cities,” as noted by Morgan Stanley in Jan. 2019.

Just 82 years later, flying cars are a reality.

In fact, over the last few weeks, XPENG AEROHT, the largest flying car company in Asia and an affiliate of XPENG (NYSE:XPEV), conducted the first flight of its electric flying car, the XPENG X2. Better, once flying cars go mainstream, we could be looking at a potential $1.5 trillion market opportunity by 2040. Accordingly, let’s dive into seven flying car stocks worth keeping an eye on right now.

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