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The 3 Most Impactful Blockchain Projects In Development Right Now

What is impact, exactly? It’s a very subjective term so impact to me is not the same thing that it is to another person. But in my mind, the most impactful blockchain projects are those that have the potential to truly change the way we use money and control over that money. 

That’s broadly a DeFi argument that relies on the notion that central banks wield outsized power over the people they ostensibly serve. So, by that logic, you could characterize most any prominent cryptocurrency as impactful. Certainly Bitcoin (BTC-USD) fits the bill. 

But impact is also about the projects that legitimize that transition from centralized banks to less regulatory oversight and those that push technology forward. I’d argue that each of the following projects contributes to that admittedly nebulous goal

This post originally appeared at InvestorPlace.