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Biotech Behemoths: 3 Giants Set To Dominate The Health Scene

Biotechnology is an interesting place to look if you’re looking for growth and are not put off by severe levels of volatility. Undoubtedly, there’s a bit of speculative zest regarding some of the smaller biotech stocks out there, many of whom depend on just a handful of pipeline candidates.

While the level of growth is more sizeable with small- and mid-cap biotech stocks, I’d much rather be a buyer of the behemoths. They tend to be on stabler footing, with large pipelines and the means to make money (something not all junior biotech companies can do in the early days).

Though I’m not against diversifying into biotech exchange-traded funds (ETFs), I do think it’s more exciting to explore the potential behind industry heavyweights that have the talent and money to spend researching next-generation treatments for diseases plaguing the world. Here are three biotech giants on my radar right now.

This post appeared on Dynamic Wealth Report.