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Stock Market


3 Stocks No One Is Talking About But Should Be

Various macroeconomic and geopolitical concerns have roiled the stock market so far this year. Investors and analysts have been worried about a recession as the Federal Reserve maintains its aggressive stance to tame the surging inflation. The Federal Reserve meets today to hike the benchmark interest rates for the fourth time this year, and Street expects the central bank to… 

High-Yield Dividend Stocks

7 High-Yield ETFs For Income Investors

Look to high-yield ETFs for a hedge against declines. In 2022, the stock market has been incredibly volatile and rising interest rates have created a lot of uncertainty around bonds as well. That means many investors have gone “risk off” as they wait for the dust to settle. However, selling everything and hiding out in cash is not always the best bet. Not only do you have to… 

utility stocks

Best Recession Proof Stocks To Buy Now? 4 Utility Stocks For Your List

With volatility persisting in the stock market, investors may be thinking of rotating into lower-risk utility stocks. In fact, with all that has been going on this year, utilities have been one of the few corners of the stock market that has shown resilience. For the uninitiated, the industry includes companies that provide us with electricity, gas, and water. These… 

stock market sectors

Stock Market Sectors 101: A Guide To All 11 Sectors

You’ve probably heard of stock market sectors, but do you know what they are? Stock sectors are split into categories that consist of companies that operate in different areas of business. There are 11 stock market sectors that make up the entire stock market, according to the Global Industry Classification Standard. The performance of these sectors varies depending on the nature of… 

travel stocks

Best Travel Stocks To Buy Now? 5 To Watch

As we enter a holiday-shortened week, investors may be keeping an eye out for travel stocks. For one, travel restrictions in various countries have largely been lifted thanks to strong global vaccination efforts. With consumers being stuck at home for the past couple of years and the summer season incoming, who couldn’t use a vacation right now? According to a… 

defensive stocks

Most Active Stocks Today? 5 Defensive Stocks For Your Watchlist

As we enter a new trading week, investors could be on the lookout for defensive stocks in the stock market. For one, this would be due to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which rose 8.6% year-over-year in May. This came as a surprise as it exceeded the 8.3% Wall Street was estimating. In addition to that, consumer sentiment slumped to… 

Gaming stocks

Best Gaming Stocks To Buy For 2022? 5 To Watch

Gaming stocks have been gaining traction among investors in the stock market over the past few years. Whether we like it or not, the gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the entertainment industry. Without question, demand for games increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic as most people were forced to stay indoors. As a result, even non-gamers… 


Top Stocks To Watch This Week? 4 Top EV Charging Stocks For Your Watchlist

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have seen a robust increase in consumer demand over the past few years. This could be thanks to the cutting-edge technology found in these modern cars or their ‘cool’ factor. Not to mention, governments across the world have been encouraging consumers to make the jump to electric as well. As such, with the growing adoption of EVs,…