Retirement Planning Insights From The Man With “The Most Depressing Job In America”

2017-10-09 05_12_34-Seniors in the Park · Free Stock PhotoThe author of today’s article used to joke that he had “the most depressing job in America”: writing about issues surrounding retirement. In fact, he argues that no progress has been made over the last two decades in improving the retirement picture for Americans, despite a variety of new laws and financial products introduced over this period that sought to do just that. Why has this been the case – and what six lessons does the author impart when it comes to giving yourself the best shot at a secure retirement? CLICK HERE.

ROBS: The Key To Starting A Retirement Business…Or Retirement Robbery?

2017-05-07 12_50_29-Free stock photo of business, composition, dataIf your vision for your retirement includes starting a business, one financing option is a ROBS – a Rollover as Business Startup, where funds from eligible retirement accounts are rolled over and invested into a new business (or used to buy an existing business). One major advantage of a ROBS? There’s no need to get loan approval. But one critical drawback? Your retirement could be at risk. To read more about ROBS – including additional benefits and possible downsides associated with this option – CLICK HERE.